Treatment of COLD & FLU with Acupressure points

Hello friends welcome back to Divine Care. In today’s video we’ll be talking about cold and flu. Cold and flu are viral infection. Less body resistance power people catch this infection easily. Mostly this infection occur during
season change. It mainly affects our respiration system i.e throat and nose. Body’s response
when this infection first enters is through different ways to protect it like more mucus
starts forming in our nose so that the virus can be flushed out. Friends person having this infection should start consuming ginger tea or it’s concoction with a little honey, hot soup and fresh and light food. Now, let’s see some acupressure
points to which would not only help in fighting this infection but also increase your immunity power. First point is UB2. This point is at the staring of our eyebrows. I am showing it in the picture. Give deep pressure with your thumbs towards the nose bridge. This point removes our nasal congestion, forehead pains. Second point is LI 20.It is present
just at the beginning of our nostrils.Here too we have to give deep pressure 5-7 times. This
would open one’s stuffy nose and ease the process of breathing. Also massaging these point will remove the sinus pain and nasal congestion. Next point is LI 11.This point is at our elbow. When we fold our arm the point is at the edge of the depression formed.Give deep pressure to it with your thumb. This helps in reducing the temperature of one suffering with high fever. It also boosts one’s immunity. LI 11 is present in both the arms.Give sodding pressure for 3-5 minutes. Next point is LI
4. Location is where one’s index finger and thumb’s bone are meeting on the palm.Direction
of the should be in the direction of the index finger bone(away from the thumb).During viral
infection one often has headache and head congestion.This point would relief one from such problems.This point is bilateral. Last point is GB 20.The point is
present where the spinal cord start in the back.They are 2-3 inches apart.Locate these
points and give circular motion massage at these points with
your thumbs.This is very relieving.It is also beneficial in case of head congestion and
stiff neck.Massaging these points would not only handle the infection but also make one’s
resistance stronger against such infection and would protect one in future.Please friends
use these points extensively.Take full benefits of these and do give your feedback to me in
the comment section below.Thank you friends for watching the video.

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