Treatments for the Flu | McFarland Clinic

As far as treatment for influenza, there are
a number of treatments available, but probably the one that people have heard of is Tamiflu,
and that’s the most commonly used medicine. In general for treatment, treatment is recommended
for people if they have been sick for less than 48 hours. After 48 hours the benefit
of the Tamiflu antivirus medicine starts to be less in terms of how much good you actually
get out of it. By that time, your body is actually already doing some of the work on
its own. But that is a judgment call, and so depending on how sick a person is or depending
on their underlying health issues, there might be some benefit to treating even if it’s been more
than 48 hours. And so I would have patients talk with their doctors about that and make
that decision together.

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