– Alright I picked up my
big man right here, what’s going on buddy, how come you
had to come home from school? – ‘Cause I barfed. – You did? – Yep. – All over the place? – Uh, in the bathroom, toilet
water splashed on my face. – Ew that’s gross. (upbeat rock music) It’s us, The Davises. What’s goin’ on baby girl, whatcha doin’? – I’m getting doggies treats
because they did so good. – [Dad] What did they
do, did they go potty? – Yes. – [Dad] No way. – Yes they did they’re so good! – Well I am taking over the
vlog today, Connie is not here so it’s just gonna be me, you
and the kids and we’re gonna show you a day without mom. It’s gonna be probably pretty
weird because she does like everything and now that
she’s not here I have to try to do everything. I’m gonna do my best. And see if I can make sure that these kids still have a productive
day without mom so. Aw yeah, what’s up buddy, how ya doin’ Yeah. – I feel sick. – [Dad] Aw man, Tyler’s
stomach isn’t feeling too well. Did you eat something bad or something? – I ate lunch uh, what do
you call it peanut butter and I believe I got sick from that. – [Dad] Your tummy’s a little upset? – Not a little, a lot. – A lot upset? I’m sure you’ll live. I’m pretty sure you’re not
gonna die from that but we’ll be sure to keep a close
eye on him in case he does. And if he does you’ll
be the first to know. And let’s see what Kayla’s
got going on over here. Ooh, that’s the breakfast
of champions right there. Why, ’cause she’s a champion. What are you eatin’ there baby? – I dunno. – [Dad] Let’s see. – Oat bites. – [Dad] Oat bites? Are those yummy? – Yeah. – [Dad] Yeah? – What is this like an interview,
I’m like just waking up. – [Dad] So you can’t talk
when you just wake up? – Yes. – [Dad] Yeah I have a
problem with that too. I’ve been up for about 15
minutes so, that’s why I’m able to talk a little bit better. Look at this right here,
every time we come into the kitchen, the dogs automatically
think they’re going to get something to eat. – Can’t open the bag! – Apparently here’s my
first mom duty right here. Opening the bag. Nope, did you do it? Am I on it? – [Kayla] Mmhm, your hands
are, your face isn’t. Well you stepped back
to do that, now it is. – Is that better? Am I in the camera now? How about now? (comical exertion) – [Kayla] Yay! – Let’s see what one of these
badboys tastes like here. – [Kayla] Give me food. – Mm, they’re good. – [Kayla] Give me food, no give me food. – [Dad] Alright Kayla’s
grumpy till she has food so. Now she’s not gonna be grumpy anymore. – Are you ready? – Oh that was the final touches? Now you got a complete,
healthy breakfast there. Good job baby. Tyler’s tummy is like, I don’t
know what’s wrong with him. Poor kid, look at him he just lookin’ a little miserable there. Gonna try to make him a
nice light breakfast and see hey did the tooth fairy leave
anything for you this morning? Yeah, what’d he give ya. – A letter and five dollars. – A letter and five
dollars, that’s awesome. So you lost a tooth recently,
show us which tooth you lost. Yeah, that’s the one right there, yeah. So that means Tyler’s gonna
be getting braces here real soon. We’re gonna set up an
appointment with the orthodonist they said once he lost
that tooth then we could get him some braces so stay tuned. We’re gonna have a braces
episode of our vlog for y’all to watch so. I’m gonna cut up one of
these melons right here. Because Tyler’s stomach
is not doing so well he’s worried about eating something
so I’m gonna give him something light to eat,
hopefully that will settle his stomach a little bit. I gave him some Tums or something. Poor kid, but he’s gotta go
to school ’cause that brain of his, he’s got to work
out that brain muscle and I don’t want him sitting home
all day watching YouTube and playing video games,
he’s not gonna get very smart that way unfortunately. Gotta learn science and
math and geology, P.E. Okay so chopped up some
melon so that we can give this boy something healthy
to eat because his stomach is still kinda messed up. I just made this, it’s called
clay, but I don’t really know what it is, but it’s
some kind of a drink that’s supposed to remove
toxins from your body and settle your stomach. I’ve cut up some nice yummy apples. For my baby girl, yay! And you want to show ’em slime? Let’s see it. Okay so Kayla’s becoming
an entrepreneur here and tell everybody about your new business. – So all these three are
already sold, this one’s for Vanessa. – [Dad] What is it? – It’s slime. – Open the lid, let’s take
a look at what kind of slime we got there. – These are not my best
slimes, because these are my first slimes, but
this is a fluffy slime. It’s not very stretchy but it’s
really squishy, feels good. This one was sold to my
friend Kendall, she hasn’t even seen it yet but
this one’s really good, I really like this one. This one got soaked in water so it’s like more stretchy than the other ones. This one was sold to another
friend in my gym class. This one’s really weird, it’s
like wet but she liked it and so she’s probably the
only one that likes it so she got it. And then I made these two
yesterday in the afternoon when I got back from school. So this is our lavender fluffy slime, it’s like not a very pretty
color but it smells good and it’s good for squishing. And it’s pretty stretchy
so I like this one. I added lavender dish soap
and I added a lavender lotion so it smells really good like lavender. This one’s creamsicle so it’s
like a nice pretty orange. This one doesn’t have like
a smell, but it’s like a crackling slime. You go like that and play with it. And then you squeeze it and it crackles. It’s really stretchy
and it’s really squishy. – [Dad] Sweet so you’re
selling this at school? – Yeah. – [Dad] And do you have any
plans to expand your operations? – I do. – [Dad] Really what’s that? – And I’m selling it on
our merchandise website. – [Dad] Oh yeah, very
cool, so we’ll have to get things ramped up for that first. But you might be able to
be a recipitent of some Kayla slime, do you
have like a name for it, what are you gonna call it? – I think we’re gonna
call it Slime Time Slimes. – [Dad] Slime Time Slimes? – You came up with that. – [Dad] I did? Okay I don’t remember but if you say so. How about Kayla poop? (laughing) How about unicorn vomit? – That’s a type of slime I’m gonna sell. – [Dad] Oh okay. – The whole brand can’t be called that. – [Dad] Okay. – And we’re gonna try to get
like mason jars or something to put it in and so it’s
a little bit nicer than putting it in Ziplock Tupperware. – [Dad] This is like fine
China right here man. People would be excited
to receive Kayla poop inside one of these. – They would get like
the paper bag and be like oh my gosh I got Kayla slime. – [Dad] Paper bag? – Yeah we put ’em in one
of those yellow bag things. And then they’d be like oh
my gosh I got Kayla slime, pull this thing out like. – [Dad] What the heck is that. Awesome, put all your slime away. We only got a few minutes left
so are you ready for school? – I gotta put my shoes on. – Okay go put your shoes
on and I gotta finish eating my breakfast ’cause
I gotta go to the gym after I drop them off. And you got Tyler who’s
getting himself ready. He’s got a very efficient
system for like doing his hair in the morning now. Oh yeah, look at that
what a good lookin’ boy. Yeah, not quite perfect there. – Tyler remember when mom cut
your hair like Justin Bieber? – [Dad] Your hair used to
look like Justin Bieber? Oh that old school like
when he was still a kid. Okay, I thought you meant like recently. I remember that now. – Like when she first cut
it, it would come down so it would look like his (inaudible). – [Dad] Alright, you’re
in business, looking good. Ooh, show us your skills boy. Wow, that’s talent, that is talent. Alright so I’m droppin’
the kiddies off at school. – No, I’m not a kiddie I’m a wolf. – Alright I’m dropping wolf boy and. – No, I’m not a wolf, I’m not a wolf. I’m a kitty cat. – Kitty cat boy and unicorn girl. – Okay let’s go, Tyler go, go! – He’s a tiger, now he’s
getting out of the car. See you guys later. I’m gonna miss you! Oh my gosh, have an awesome
day at school bye bye, I love you! Oh my God! (comedic sobbing) I’m gonna miss my babies,
but they’ll be back in a couple hours so, I’m not
gonna miss ’em all that much. I got a lot of work to do anyway. One thing I wanna say,
before you do anything else right now, please hit that
subscribe button, right now that way you get notified
of all the videos that we put out every single day and
we do it every single day and sometimes we put out bonus videos. The only way you’re gonna
know about those before anyone else does is if you
hit that subscribe button. So Imma wait right here. Doesn’t it feel a lot better? Thank you so much, we love
you all and don’t go anywhere ’cause we got some cool
stuff coming up later that I want to show you guys, Tyler
and Kayla and some of the increases in their abilities
and stuff like that when it comes to the gymnastics
and tumbling and all that other stuff so it’s gonna be really cool. So hang out and we’ll see you in a bit. Alright well I guess
Tyler really isn’t feeling all that well. I just got back from the
gym and I had a voicemail from the school, they called
about five minutes ago and said that he threw up
in class and he’s got a little bit of a fever. I gotta go to the school
and pick him up now and never can tell like
sometimes he just seems like he wants to stay home all
day and play video games and watch tv so he pretends
like he’s sick or something so made him go to school
and he really got sick so now I feel kinda bad but at
least now I know for sure that he’s sick. Now he gets to play video
games and watch tv all day I guess, I dunno so anyway
I’m gonna go get him, we’ll check in on him in a
second and see how he’s doing I’m sure he’ll be fine,
just got a little bit of an upset stomach, I don’t know
how or where he got it, but we’ll see if we can take good care of him. Alright I picked up my big man right here, what’s going on buddy, how come you had to come home from school? – ’cause I barfed. – You did? – Yep. – All over the place? – Uh, in the bathroom, toilet
water splashed on my face. – Ew that’s gross. – And I have a temperature of 99.5. – 99.5 so what are your
big plans for today? – Probably rest. – Just gonna sleep? – Yeah. – Yeah, okay. – I know what my homework
is so I’ll probably do that. – Yeah, do some homework and
get some rest and hopefully be ready for school tomorrow. Awesome, sorry that you’re
not feeling well man, but you look good. (laughing) – I thought it was funny
’cause there’s someone named Tyler in our class, he
was late for school. – Yeah I know I saw him come
in when I was waiting for ya. – And he was walking to
the class and we were like hey Tyler, hey Tyler. Tyler if you see this video, hi Tyler. – Hi Tyler. Alright well let’s go
home and get some rest, I gotta go to work. – Okay. – [Dad] Okay doggies, ready to go outside? When Kayla’s not here, I
pretty much manage the doggies. They’re still not potty
trained, so when we all leave we either put them in the playpen, (dogs whimpering) I know doggies, I know or we
put ’em back in their kennels and Hershey’s able to
escape from the playpen so unfortunately they gotta
go back in their kennels. You guys ready to go potty? Let’s go potty, yay! They’re so excited to go outside. Run run run run run run run run, where you going? Oh they took different routes. Harley was trying to
save some time by cutting a corner there, and it’s
a tie to the finish line. Alright you guys go out there. What are you doing? Grab your toy and go, go potty. Alright so I’m doing some
chores here, I got a little bit of laundry going
right now and Tyler’s room happens to be right
next to the laundry room so I’m gonna go check on
him, see how he’s doing. Hopefully he’s feeling a little
bit better, but we’ll have to wait and see. Oh he’s sleeping. What’s up big man? How you feeling buddy. – Sick. – Sick, did you throw up anymore. – Mm-mm. – [Dad] No? – A little in my mouth, but. – Yeah, does your stomach
feel better at all? – Yeah. – It does? – Yeah. – So the rest is helping? So you’ve been sleeping
ever since we brought you home from school, what
have you been doing? – Watching TV. – Watching TV, relaxing, getting rest? – I need chicken noodle soup. – [Dad] You need chicken noodle soup? – Chicken noodle soup. – [Dad] Does it have to
be chicken noodle soup or can it be Top Ramen? – Chicken noodle soup. – [Dad] Alright I’ll make
you some chicken noodle soup. – Chicken noodle soup! – [Dad] Chicken noodle
soup coming right up, man. What a good dad am I? Look at that Tyler’s
awesome artwork back there. I dunno if you guys remember that video. I love that painting,
I think it is so cool. – It gives me nightmares. – [Dad] How is that? (dog barks) What’s up doggies? They smell the food and they want some. Is it hot? That’s what kills the bug
is the heat, you just gotta swallow that, I’m just
kidding let it cool down. You can throw an ice cube in
there or something like that. Is it good? Other than it being really really hot. Alright so I’m on my way to
go pick up Kayla from school but I thought before I did
that, I’d go check on my big guy right here. Is he still alive. – No. – [Dad] No, he died, he
died from his sickness, I’m such a horrible parent. But he’s still feeding
himself, he’s a zombie. Are those brains in your
hands, what is that? Zombies only eat brains and
he’s dead, I’m outta here. I’m outta here. Oh my god he’s coming
after me (fake screams) no, don’t do it noooo. Looks like he’s gonna
live, that’s good news cause I gotta go get Kayla,
and pretty sure she’s still alive because
she wasn’t sick at all. – We had to go up and ask someone. – My bad, I forgot to tell
Kayla or have a message sent to Kayla that Tyler
came home sick today so as a good sister she sat
there and waited how long, 30, 40 seconds. – No, we waited
– ten minutes – Forever. – Ten minutes? – Probably like when the
first bell rang and then till the last bell. – Yeah we stayed like as
long as they called bells and we had to go up and
ask the P.E. coach, not our P.E. coach but elementary
schooler’s P.E. coach, let them ask the front
office to see if Tyler got checked out. – And guess what. – He did! – He did! (growling) – My bad, I wasted ten
whole minutes of these two precious girl’s lives. I’m such a bad, bad man. So it looks like what, it
must be tumble class today. So we got Vanessa tagging along. – I took my test! – You took your Spanish test? – No, my science test. – Science test, okay how’d ya do? – I dunno. – Aced it, she aced it she
always aces all of her tests so, anyways we gotta go
home, get these girls changed they only got 30 minutes
to get to tumble class so we gotta go! – I sat on a water bottle and it hurts! – You sat on a what? – A water bottle. – Ouch, don’t do that that’s bad. We’re having like the best
conversation in the car right now, we’re talking
– It’s about puke! About all the times that we’ve thrown up. Because Tyler I guess
got sick earlier today, although he seems to be doing
– I threw up like five times and I feel like I have to throw up again. – Oh no, he’s not he’s fine. Kayla how many times have
you thrown up before? – 12 times in one day. – That must have been
a really bad day huh? – Yeah, you had a humungous
popcorn bowl next to you all day. – I remember that, how about
you Vanessa, what’s your worst throw up story? – Three times in one day. – Three times in one day. That’s a bad one. Alright so droppin’ ’em off. You guys hang out because
Tyler and Kayla are gonna show us some of their
awesome skills, their coach Juju’s workin’ with them so
it’s gonna be really cool. You guys have fun, we’ll
see ya in a little bit. Bye be careful, we love you, bye bye! (crosstalking) – Hey y’all. – Hold on, alright so I’m
here at Zone Cheer, and I’m gonna get some footage,
Juju’s gonna show us some of Tyler and Kayla’s tricks
and we met a fan here, what’s your name buddy. – Deshawn. – Deshawn? (laughter) – Follow me. – Follow you? (inaudible) – Alright so we met a whole
mess of fans here today. Everyone have a good night,
yay, where’s Juju at, he’s supposed to show us some tricks. Gotta see what he’s gonna do. Alright say goodbye. – Bye! – Bye! – [Man] Nice! (clapping) – [Dad] No way, do that again. Do that again. Here baby, that’s so cool,
man I wish I could do that. I’d land on my head if I did that. You’re like a superstar, man. – Well that’s the end of the episode. I got sick today and
we went to gymnastics. – [Dad] Gymneastics? – And uh, we’re sittin’ with the doggies. – How do you feel now? – Better. – Yeah, you think
– My tempurature is 98.7. – 98.7, oh no it’s one
tenth of a degree too high, you’re probably gonna die. We have to take you to the hospital. How about you Kayla, how was your day? She’s just in puppy paradise
right now, look at that. Those doggies want love,
aww that’s so cute. Alright well we better
say goodbye to everybody. – Bye! – So hope you guys enjoyed
this video, like, subscribe, share this video with
your friends and family and until next time, – [In Unison] Bye! (upbeat doo-wop music)

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