Types of People in Corona Crisis.. – by Umair Khaliq

You know whats happening these days man. Inflation has gone to its peak. Can’t even find hand wash, soap or toilet rolls. Nothing is available. Well, I almost died buying a couple of hand wash. Then I thought about you that you would need some too. I know you don’t wash your hands, but I guess now you will have to. So, I got one hand wash for you too. Only £40 pounds for you. I mean, it costed me £80 pounds. but you are my brother, I am giving it to you on 50% off. This handwash has built-in antivirus, anti-corona, anti-victoria.. also anti-bacteria and also built-in moisturiser. Listen to this, true story. Somebody had AID. HIV AIDs. You know AIDS is dangerous, it can kill bro. But the guy washed his hands with this handwash and it killed AIDS. So, corona ain’t got nothing on this hand wash, trust me. You know what, buy this too. It’d be a great buy. They have stopped its production worldwide. This is the last one in the world. I’ll sell it for only £160. This is automatic. All you have to do is spray. Once you spray, it cleans the things itself. Its automatic. You don’t have to do a thing. Just spray once. It has got anti-corona, anti covid-19, anti covid-20, anti covid-1000. I don’t think you understand. These are some technical things. You won’t understand until you buy it and spray it. Its only £160. You can save your life by buying this. That’s all I want, just save your life. Just because you are my brother. We go way back. Guy 2: Close your close and get the hell out of here. Okay, leave everything else. I know you want to buy this. Buy this toilet roll. Only for £90 Common man, at least buy something. Okay, I have done all my research. Corona is pet name. It is actually called, Covid-19. Covid-19 is the scientific name. Corona has been around since ages. Corona 19, Corona 20, Corona 18.. There are different kinds of coronas. For example, ‘Billu’ (cat) is just your pet name, but you look like a dog. Similarly, corona is the pet name. Covid-19 is the real name. And Corona looks like this flower. That’s why I brought this flower pot to show you corona’s shape, size and dimensions. Although, it is a micro-nano particle. and now, we will go through these slides to know more about corona. We need to observe coronas ‘behavioural activities’. Guy 2 *begs*: Boy, can we please stop all that. Stop with this information. I don’t know about corona, but this much information might give me brain haemorrhage. Guy 1: *coughs* Guy 2: First of all, stay away from me. Is it dry cough or wet cough? Guy 1: dry.. Guy 2: Is it hard cough or soft cough? Guy 1: Soft cough. Guy 2: Is it bitter cough or sweet cough? Guy 1: Sweet cough.. Guy 2: Can you feel hot inside of you? Do you feel like Malika Sherawat from inside? Guy 1: I don’t know man.. Guy 2: You got it. I knew, you’ll get it. Guy 1: I got Corona? Guy 2: I told you, don’t behave like that.. ..but you keep going out. Now you got it. Guy 1: Will I survive? Guy 2 *cries*: You got it. Guy 1 *cries*: I got it. Guy 2 *sings romantic song*: You got true love bro. Well, I knew that. I could see a change in you, ever since you started seeing Sara. Well, you tried to hide, but you see, I found out. Guy 1 *shouts*: You idiot, I almost died out of panic. *sneezes* Wait, did you sneeze or did I sneeze? Wait, I have to check the symptoms now. Cough is a symptom. YES, I have been coughing. Fever is a symptom. My body temperature is always hot. Strep throat is a symptom. OMG, somebody arrange my funeral. I am telling you guys the truth. Wearning Masks does absolutely nothing. If you try wearing a mask, you will cover you whole tiny face and won’t be able to breathe. And you, you breath stinks! you’ll die smelling your own breath in the mask before corona gets you. I am telling you guys! Corona is a virus. Corona is a virus! You fools! Hand sanitisers kill bacteria, not viruses. Corona is a bloody virus! You will damage your skin by washing hands all the time. Okay! Listen to me carefully. There are good germs in your hands, that help with digestion. You will kill all those good germs too. Then how your food will digest. You guys are gonna get diarrhea. but it wont kill corona. Let me go and wash my hands. I don’t if my shirt was clean. I’ll go, wash my hands again. Don’t stare at me, I feel like my hands are getting dirty. Okay, I’ll wash my hands again. This towel is not mine. I’ll have to wash my hands again now. Hello!! I am telling you. Corona is not even real. Its just an American agenda. America doesn’t want Pakistan and China to trade. Because if trade happens.. ..then we are gonna become superpower, global power. And they are jealous of Pakistan. Don’t want us to go up. Let me tell you what actually happened. Nawaz Sharif phoned Obama.. Obama phoned Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton phoned Trump. Trump phoned the Army. And Imran Khan is army’s puppet. So, they told Imran that go do the Corona. and Imran Khan did Corona. All these stupid donkeys, they think they can fool public.

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  1. I literally don't understand why your channel is so underrated !!
    Your videos make me laugh like crazy
    And your content is very entertaining
    Love you❀

  2. Hi guys,

    Just a little bit of comedy in this difficult time. Stay strong and keep praying for good. InShaAllah, these tough times will be over soon. Stay strong, beat corona, divided we stand! #StayHome πŸ™‚

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  3. Yar aap itny time bad videos q banaty ho.. Pehly aap ky channel ki rating achi thi ab bilkul low hogyi hy

  4. Bro seen u after a long time.

    Thankx for making this video and encouraging us. ✌🏻


  5. Missing your videos plz jaldi bana dea karyn or baji sakeena k bachy thk hyn wo tu ni ghar sa ni bahir niklty hon gay 🀣🀣🀣

  6. Your content is amazing, just a bit more consistency and u can get yourself at the level of shahveer and zaid.πŸ‘

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