10 thoughts on “U.S. flu outbreak deadliest in years: CDC

  1. Between the immigrants and literally injecting people with the flu might just have something to do with it. Breaking down the immune system with that flu shot. Y'all crazy

  2. Well, I had the flu shot and my second year booster to pneumonia with the strands that are mentioned; and I am determined to stay away from public places (grocery stores, even if I have to eat out of cans ). I'm taking extra vitamin C and a multivitamin and getting my walk everyday and sunshine. But it only takes one child or elderly person sneezing on you at a social at church and you've got the flu.

  3. Consumerism capitalizes on your servitude thus diminishing equal rights and supports war, famine, terrorism, and DISEASE. STOP WORKING FOR PROFIT! JUDGEMENT IS COMING

  4. I am on day 6 of this years flu.

    I’ve had the flu many times in my life. I don’t get the flu shot.

    But… this was the worst I’ve ever had. EVER! I had a temp of 103F for three days. Nose was snotty so bad that blood started coming out in huge clumps. Body so sore. Lungs are completely messed up. Throat was a little sore but not too bad.

    But the strain I had… I don’t wish that upon anybody.

    Please be careful with this one. It’s no joke.

  5. I've now got it , just trying to keep my fever down drinking lots of orange juice taking vitamins and staying in bed!!!!

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