Übungen Gegen Cellulite – Eine Der Effektivsten Sportübungen Vom Experten

I’m Joey Atlas and I’m a woman’s body enhancement specialist who has helped thousands and thousands of women all over the world and I specifically help them get rid of their cellulite problem on their lower bodies most of this has been in English and because of the success of the program in English I have decided I also want to create this program for the women of the world and help you women get rid of their cellulite problem so what I’m here to do today is to help you understand the problem that you might be dealing with show you a tip or two that can help you start to get rid of it today and then share some more information with you for you to follow up on to keep getting rid of this problem and to help you solve it for good so first I want to mention that there are lots of cellulite solutions on the market ranging from miracle pills that are fake and harmful to scrub brushes to try helping you brush the skin to massage devices and dangerous techniques such as injections and various cosmetic surgery procedures which in fact do not solve the problem of cellulite and this is one of the reasons why I decided to create my program because I I saw that there was nothing that really worked to help fix this problem there were only a lot of things that made women waste a lot of money get really frustrated and make the problem worse and that was one of the main reasons that I decided I’m going to create a real solution for this problem now the reason why those things don’t work is because they don’t address the problem at the root cause where the problem really exists they only address the problem in ways that cannot fix the actual source of the problem that source of the problem is underneath the skin at the muscle layer levels the muscles are what caused the problem and here’s when muscles are neglected and not used properly they get soft and mushy and deflated and flat and saggy and when they get like that the skin on top of them has no layer of support and so the skin gets mushy and saggy and it gets dimples and shadows and we have it has this look that we call cellulite we want it to be smooth and tight and shapely and sexy so that it’s pleasing to look at it feels good and we’re healthier and stronger the only way to get the skin smooth and tight and firm and sculpted without the dimples and shadows is by targeting the muscles underneath the skin and getting them more toned stronger more defined and lifting them up and sculpting them so that they push out against the skin how do we do that well we do that with specific body movements and most people consider them exercises but these are not exercises that you would see in the gym or a health club with the big weights and the uncomfortable and dangerous machines these are not the health club type movements we’re talking about these are very gentle specific targeted movements for the female lower body that can be done anywhere at home at the office when you’re traveling and I’m going to show you a little bit of that in just a minute but what I want you to understand is that everything that doesn’t work for you is really not your fault they were never designed to work in from the beginning they’re only made to make you spend a lot of money with the hopes that you could get rid of this problem when in reality the only way to get rid of the cellulite problem is to do certain movements for your body that helped where the cause is coming from in the muscles so I’m going to give you an example of one move that can help you start to get rid of your cellulite today now this move it’s very simple and you have to pay close to the forum that I’m using and the speed at which I’m moving as well those are very important and we’re going to start with one side of the body okay now you can do this at home by leaning on a couch or a chair and I’m going to get up onto my feet and my forearms and elbows are on the couch or a chair and this leg is bent a little bit this leg is straight back and we’re slowly going to lift up pause and then come back down very slowly touch the ground and then lift slowly pause and back down very slowly touch lift back up pause back down very slowly now you want to do that about 10 times if that’s really easy you can do it 15 after you do 10 to 15 on the left side then you’re going to switch to the right side same thing leg straight back come up slowly pause down touch up very slowly pause down very slowly touch up very slowly paws down touch now you can do that if it’s easy after you do ten to fifteen each side you can do them again and if that’s easy maybe even another time ten to fifteen and then see how you feel you should be feeling that in the muscles of your lower body and there are other moves to add to this and we’ll get to those over the next few days but right now start with that one maybe do it again tomorrow night or the day after add a few more and by that time I should have a few more tips for you to add to this to help you get rid of cellulite so stay tuned and be ready for more I’m going to help you get rid of your cellulite by I you you

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