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Zeke: At first I thought it was just a little
cold! No big deal, right? Wrong! Achoo! Boy 1: Zeke, please tell me you didn’t just
sneeze on the back of my neck. Zeke: I can tell you I didn’t sneeze on
your neck, but it wouldn’t be true. Narrator: Four days later… Zeke: Turns out I have something called Pneumonia! Apparently it’s pretty serious because now
I have to stay in the hospital and take medicines. Nurse: How are you feeling today, Zeke? Zeke: Well, yesterday I felt like old garbage. Today, I feel like newer garbage, soooo, a
little better. Narrator: Three days later… Zeke: Finally I’m starting to feel like
my old self! My doctor says I should be able to go home
tomorrow. This has been the worst! I never want to get pneumonia again. But I don’t even know how I got it in the
first place! Huh? Medikidz! What’s going on? Pump: You got pneumonia questions? We’ve got answers! Chi: If you’re feeling up to it, we’d
like to take you on an adventure through Mediland to explain everything you need to know about
pneumonia! Zeke: Are you kidding? I’ve been cooped up in a hospital bed for
the past week! I’d love to stretch my legs! When I said stretch my legs I meant, like,
go for a walk, not fly through space…and definitely not fly through space and into
a giant mouth! Chi: Worry not, it is all part of the plan. Pneumonia is an infection in the lungs, so
to understand what it’s about, we first need to understand the lungs! Pump: Oooh, lucky us, Mediland is taking a
breath! It’ll suck us in and take us right where
we need to go. Zeke: Your definition of luck and my definition
of luck are very different! Pump: When you breathe in, the air first travels
into your mouth and nose. Chi: From there it goes into your trachea
– also called your windpipe… and then travels through tubes called airways, all the way
down into your lungs! And here we are, in the lungs! As you can see, air contains oxygen which
the body needs. Zeke: Oh yeah, I remember hearing that oxygen
is important for, you know, staying alive and stuff! Chi: Once inside the lungs, the oxygen can
travel through the bloodstream to wherever in the body it’s needed. Germs Together: We’re here to start an infec-tion! We love starting infec-tions! Zeke: Who are those…or better question what
are those – things?! Pump: Sometimes it’s not just air that gets
into your lungs, but germs too! Germs can cause infections and make you sick! There are four main types of these tiny invaders:
bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. Chi: The germs cause swelling of the lungs,
which makes it more difficult to breathe. This swelling is called inflammation. Germ 1: Take that, and that, and some of this! Germ 2: I’m a single cell with a single
purpose- to infect this lung! Pump: Pneumonia is caused by germs getting
into the lungs and causing an infection. You had bacterial pneumonia, meaning your
lungs were invaded by bacteria. Zeke: So it was that germ that made me sick?! Time to settle the score! Pump: Don’t worry, your lungs have their
own tricks for getting rid of germs. Just watch! Chi: Trick number one! The lungs produce sticky mucus that traps
the germs. Germ 3: I’m a virus, and even I think this
is gross! Pump: For trick two, I’d hold on to something! Zeke: Is trick two being loud and windy?! Pump: Trick two is coughing! It forces the mucus up and out of the lungs,
taking the germs with it. Germ 2: Where do you think we’re going? Do you think we’re being blown to a magical
land of happiness and joy where we’ll live forever? Germ 4: Umm, probably not, but good for you
for staying positive! Pump: Everyone still here and not coughed
up into space? Good! Zeke: Yeah, but we’re not the only ones,
look! Chi: Uh oh, looks like the bacteria are still
here. Time for trick three! Pump: Here comes trick three – your body’s
immune system, the guardians of your body! Chi: These white blood cells are part of your
immune system. They travel around the body with one mission,
to find and destroy germs! White Blood Cell: There are too many bacteria. We can’t hold them. Retreat and regroup! Germs Together: Yeah, you better run! The lungs are ours now! Zeke: That’s not a good sign, is it? Chi: Nope! See, sometimes the germs are too strong for
the immune system and your body can’t fight them off without medicines to help them. Pump: We better retreat and regroup too! Teleporting us back to HQ now! Narrator: A few minutes later back in Medikidz
HQ… Zeke: I’m not a doctor, or a scientist,
or even a particularly good student to be honest, but wouldn’t I know if all that
was going on inside my lungs?! Axon: Totally! And though you didn’t know the name for
what you had, you did know the symptoms you were having! Symptoms you might have with pneumonia are
coughing, making lots of mucus, difficulty breathing or pain in your chest, fever or
chills, feeling very tired, and having a loss of appetite. Chi: Symptoms are clues that help your doctor
figure out what’s wrong with you and what tests are needed. If your doctor thinks it might be pneumonia,
then a chest x-ray will help confirm this. Pump: You might also need a blood test. Which looks for signs of infection. We take Mediland’s blood with a giant remote
control syringe, pretty cool huh? Chi: Your doctor might ask you to cough some
mucus into a pot. This shows up the germs that are causing the
pneumonia, and helps your doctor decide on the best treatment. Zeke: I would not want to be that guy! Germ 4: I don’t want to be me either. Pump: Okay, we know it’s bacterial pneumonia,
so now we can start treatment. Let’s grab the right medicines and head
back to Mediland! Narrator: Back in the lungs… Pump: Different medicines get rid of different
germs. Since this is bacterial pneumonia, we’ll
use antibiotics to kill them. Antibiotics only work for bacterial pneumonia. You’ll need different medicines if a different
germ is causing the infection. Chi: If you are having trouble breathing and
getting oxygen to your lungs, you can get extra oxygen through a mask, or through little
tubes that sit just under your nose. Zeke: We did it! The bacteria are gone! Pump: Sure looks like it, but remember, even
if you start to feel better you need to take all your medicines, especially antibiotics. Chi: Otherwise, not all the bacteria will
be killed and the ones that remain can become stronger and resistant to the antibiotics. Pump: Let’s head back to HQ. The Lungs are clear for now, but we’ll give
Mediland more antibiotics later to be safe. Chi: For now, Mediland needs to rest! Rest is very important. You don’t have to stay in bed all day but
you should take it easy for a bit. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water and
eat some food, your body needs energy to fight off those germs! Pump: Sometimes, with severe pneumonia, the
lungs stop working properly and you may have to be treated in a special ward in the hospital
called the intensive care unit (ICU). Chi: It’s the best place to be if you have
severe pneumonia because the ICU has machines to help you breathe while your lungs recover. Zeke: Okay, now I get what pneumonia, is but
why did I get it? Chi: It all starts with the germs! Germs that cause pneumonia are spread from
person to person through things like coughing, sneezing, or by picking up germs on your hands. Pump: Anyone can get pneumonia but it’s
most common in young children and older adults. Having a chronic illness, and smoking, can
make you more likely to get pneumonia. You might also get it when you’re fighting
off something else like a cold or flu! Chi: In America, pneumonia is the number one
reason most kids are admitted to the hospital. Zeke: Thanks Medikidz, I’ve learned so much. One thing I learned from having pneumonia
is that I never want to have it again! Pump: Luckily, there are lots of things you
can do to lower your risk of getting it – simple stuff like eating healthily and doing exercise! Chi: Yeah, another big one is washing your
hands with soap and water after you play outside, touch animals, use the bathroom, and every
time before you eat! Pump: Pneumonia germs are often coughed or
sneezed into the air and then breathed in by another person. Chi: So, every time you cough or sneeze, you
should catch it, bin it, and kill it! Catch the germs by covering your mouth and
nose with a clean tissue, throw that tissue in the bin, and kill the germs by washing
your hands with soap and water. Pump: You can also ask your doctor about vaccinations. Chi: Vaccinations are injections that protect
you against different infections and germs. Pump: One more thing – here is a Medichron
computer! It contains everything you learned about pneumonia
so you can teach your friends. Zeke: I will! Thanks Medikidz! Narrator: Two weeks later, and Zeke has made
a full recovery… Zeke: Okay, so to understand pneumonia, you
first have to understand the lungs! Boy 1: My show and tell suddenly seems less
cool…it’s a rock I found that looks like Elvis. Girl 1: Still better than mine! This is just something my cat coughed up.

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