Une Véritable Bombe Médécinale: Avis des Herboristes,Il n’ya rien de pire que de ne pas connaître

You should always have this plant at
you, since I know these virtues and benefits I do not have one but 2 at home
after all its benefits and virtues I am saying that if I do not share that with
you, it would be really unfair and selfish on my part that’s why
today I’m going to show you the secret who hides behind each of his leaves
, aloe Vera is a medicinal plant of the most powerful and well known.
the Egyptians consider it a gift God’s use dates back more than 5000 years
, we also found some traces in many civilizations including
in traditional Chinese medicine , in ancient Greece, and ancient Egypt, today
its reputation is global and it is due to its very great use in cosmetics
, especially to treat burns , sunburns, scarring wounds,
pimples, acne, stretch marks, cellulite , she is also fighting against aging
cells, in short I’ll do a video only to present you its virtues cuckoo my
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I will show you some uses stunning aloe vera including 8 uses
that you surely did not know, then without further ado we start,
Well my loves if you want to slow down the appearance wrinkles on your face so do this.
cut out your Ale Vera like this, then take the parts so the alpe juice is
not visible on the skin as I told you always said the skin of the alpe will see is
very toxic so just take the part so we can observe the flow of
freeze and rub it on like this by following the lines of your face with like this (
my dear ones this because the massage to Aloe Vera has a rejuvenating effect;
Then my loves if you have bleeding out of cleaning your teeth, then
do this, take alpe Vera that you go remove the skin because I always say it
the skin of the alpe Vera is not good, so take aloe will see you go
powder and add a little bicarbonate soda and pass the mixer, after
do this take your toothbrush and brush with it in the normal direction because
you know we’re brushing our teeth certain way (DAILY USE
Then, if you have a cold, my love so take a slice of aloe vera that
you remove its gel put it in a tissue extra clean and take to get the
juice as you go meter in both sides of your nostrils, do this (twice
days, the inflammation will be reduced and the breathing will be restored)
Then if you have dark circles then do this either take the ale gel will see
, then a cotton that you divide in two at least according to the cotton you have incorporated
the cotton in the gel, let it soak during about 3minutes then remove the cottons and
place them under your eyes at least on the rings as much for me, (Do this all
mornings to get a beautiful natural glow) We continue my love with the uses
of aloe will see this plant there that the Egyptians had baptized him as being
a gift from God then If you have hair messy and poorly maintained so take
the fresh aloe vera juice and put on it If you want a night scrub before
sleep in order to remove all the changes of temperarture that your face has suffered in
day and also take off your makeup of natural way without chemicals
and wipes because you know my loves you should never under any circumstances sleep with the
make up then for that done this be, take your Vera gel, put a spoon
of aloe gel will see in your bowl then add your foundation powder as
you use daily then mix carefully, then apply it on everything
your face massage to penetrate deep scrub leave to rest about
5minutes then remove with cotton and finally rinse with cold water as I
always said to run away from hot water that’s what causes you varicose veins at least
that’s one of the reasons I’ll come back in-depth on the topic varicose veins
If you have messy eyebrows and torn off then do this, take a brush
to tooth incorporate there the juice of the alpe will see then press your eyebrows with, do
this every night for 10 days then my love If you have dry skin,
tarnished and with small pimples, likewise If you have oily skin and acne,
know that aloe vera acts effectively on your skin. This plant has some
“sanitizing” virtues allowing regulate the sebum of the skin; she helps
to reduce blackheads and pimples acnes. Aloe vera helps to remove
dead skin and accelerate microcirculation. It also helps moisturize the skin
without greasing it, to tighten the pores and to unify the complexion, so do this either
take a slice of the alpe will see that you remove its internal part only
, then add a spoon of oil olive, then a little water, then proceed
to the mixture, for use, take your cotton soak it in your mixture
then massage and rub your face gently and gently this mixture is a moisturizer
hyper effective

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