University of Michigan Flu Expert

We’re having an unusual flu season for
two reasons, the first reason is we’re having a very early flu season and it’s
too soon to know if we’re gonna have a flu season that’s the same size as
normal just shifted earlier, or if we’re gonna have an early and long flu season
which would mean a lot more cases unusual. The second thing that’s unusual
is that we’re having influenza B earlier than we usually do. So usually in
Michigan we see influenza A comes through, and then we see a little bit of
influenza B in late winter, early spring time, and this year we’re having
influenza B right away at the beginning. So the good news about having a B season
is that the vaccines against B tend to be pretty good. For influenza A
we’re starting to see some early data that there is an influenza A h1n1 strain
that’s starting to spread throughout the country. That strain is very well matched
to the vaccine, and so if you haven’t gotten vaccinated yet, there’s still time
to get vaccinated to protect you against that coming strain and the vaccine is
expected to work very well.

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