Update on Migrant Shelter Flu Outbreak

We are taking all appropriate steps that we
can to contain this outbreak at this facility and to protect the public’s health in San
Diego. What we noticed this week – earlier this week
– was an uptick in presentations of flu-like illness, with three presenting 3 days ago,
and an additional five individuals who had been screened without symptoms upon arrival
at the shelter but developed symptoms while in the shelter. Our strong process that we had in place allowed
us to identify these individuals and rapidly respond. A subset of those individuals had a rapid flu
test that was positive, so we know there is flu in our shelter. And for folks in a congregate care setting,
like a shelter or a skilled nursing facility, all it takes is two individuals with flu-like
symptoms, at least one who’s been confirmed with the flu in three days, and have an outbreak. Because we know that people in close quarters
can easily spread the flu from one person to another, we took immediate actions. We know these individuals are receiving the
highest level of care to insure their symptoms are addressed, and out of an abundance of
caution, we are quarantining those impacted by flu-like symptoms to insure we prevent the

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