1 thought on “US On Track For One Of The Worst Flu Season In Decades

  1. This human host caught the flu for 3 weeks sick- 2 days of intense hell before it was gone. 55 yo w/m
    The symptoms were

    1 Extreme cough till the point of vomiting on occasions
    2 A congestion in the chest and nose and a sore throat
    3 A fever that was 101.3 for 2 days with night sweats
    4 Dark color urine possibly due to medication and the dehydration.
    5 Achy body feeling like crap with sore muscles and joints

    Epson salts soaks.
    Antibiotics, Alka-Seltzer cold flu tablets in the water while inhaling the bubbles.
    Nose decongestant, Vinegar water" Apple Cider and a deworm for cats.
    I slept for a few days

    I am flu free again. I never take a flu shot. Never will.
    Free turkey? Nope. Free 25.dollars? Nope.

    What is great I feel better than ever.

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