Varicose Eczema | Cellulitis | Which is it?

Varicose Eczema can take 2 forms. It frequently
looks like a skin rash around the ankle and it is sometimes mistakenly considered to be
primarily a skin condition and therefore it sometimes managed with creams such as hydrocortisone
or similar steroid creams for long periods of time. This is the chronic form of varicose
eczema that can be present for years before it may eventually cause a leg ulcer. The eczema
in its early stages, may come and go, and the symptoms of itch and discomfort are relieved
quickly by hydrocortisone. The problem with chronic varicose eczema is that many people
receive the incorrect treatment based only on skin creams when really these people should
be referred to a vascular specialist for a venous duplex ultrasound scan and subsequently,
the vein problem should be treated to prevent leg ulceration. The other form is acute varicose eczema. This
condition can develop very quickly and it causes severe pain. This lady I saw a few
weeks ago, had so much leg pain that she could hardly bare being touch there, she could not
sleep and she had difficulty walking. Few doctors in primary care will have seen this
problem and it is frequently misdiagnosed as cellulitis and therefore antibiotics are
given. I treated this lady by endovenous laser, closing the abnormal veins and faulty vein
valves, and after just a few weeks, her leg is pain-free and the eczema has cleared. This
form of varicose eczema is the most difficult for non-specialists to diagnose. So, varicose eczema is not primarily a skin
rash and it can sometimes look like cellulitis. Only a venous duplex ultrasound can diagnose
the problem accurately. The abnormal veins which cause varicose eczema should be treated
as soon as possible to prevent progression to leg ulceration.

6 thoughts on “Varicose Eczema | Cellulitis | Which is it?

  1. I have this condition. Started years ago after having a leg procedure done that caused several blood clots that went to my lungs. Messed up my leg circulation taking years to slowly appear in stages. Then really advanced 2 years ago to look like the pics here. Scale like skin. Another leg scope of kneeon other leg resulted in blood clots and now same thing happening to other leg. When I sit for long periods the feet and legs swell up horribly. Had the vein procedure done on my right leg. Skin condition not improving but swelling came down. Any suggestions on how to stop the skin discoloration from spreading? Procedures that can help me get back normal looking skin?

  2. Even i have varicose eczema. Sometimes there is lot of itching pain inflammation.
    Wt is the best treatment.

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