Vets Help Save a Ferret That Has the Flu | Vets Saving Pets

my name is Amelia and this is my
ferret Jet two days ago I woke up and Jet was really really hot and I thought
he had a fever and he started being really sneezy and now he’s having
trouble breathing I think he’s got the flu but I’m not sure I’m gonna see Dr.
Bryer and hopefully she could tell me what’s going on I think he has the flu I
had the flu my boyfriend had the flu my other ferret was starting to be
really sneezy there isn’t a lot of diseases that we can easily transmit
either from ourselves to our pets or vice versa ferrets and
human influenza are one of the ones that definitely can affect both species I
think you’re right to be worried yeah he’s really not breathing very well so
I’m gonna take him back and get him into some oxygen and then maybe you and I
could talk a little bit more about his history but I don’t like the way he’s
breathing in here are you comfortable with that yeah okay I’m just gonna take him
with me come here little guy I’ll be right back okay he has both an increased respiratory rate and effort so
when we got him in the first thing we did was just get him into oxygen I’m
concerned because he’s having a really hard time breathing I’m sorry about that
he can rest in oxygen while we do a little bit of history is he ok he’s not great he’s how old he’s five years
old he was diagnosed with asthma and also chronic pneumonia pneumonia is
serious and he is a five year old ferret what I would like to do is first off
get some chest x-rays see what his lungs look like get him on some antibiotics I
just hope he’s gonna be okay I hope so too please thank you so much Dr. Bryer
we’ll talk to you in a few hours okay we’ll do our best Jet’s owner heads home and awaits news from Dr. Bryer Dr. Bryer is about to
have a closer look at Jet the ferret to determine a course of action do you have your flu shot I do excellent because it is contagious between them
and us so let’s give a little bit of oxygen while we do this similar to how
you would treat a person in that a lot of it is what we call supportive care we
do a procedure where you gently tap on either side of
the body wall in order to try and loosen up that mucusy stuff that’s living
down in their lungs give him the chance to be able to cough it up we have
started him on nebulizations humidified air for him to breathe in
and we have started him on antibiotic therapy all done you’re a very good little guy now you get a treat oh good job okay all right
little devil let’s get you back in here there you go a little buddy get some sleep

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