Video 4 – 1st day. Have I got some results in one day?

Hello YouTube and YouTubers! Finally I
started my program. Yesterday was my first day and now I would like to
explain little bit how it was. I will explain what did I eat, my work out of
the first day and… have I got some results in the just in one day? Actually
before starting my experiment I still wanted to talk here about my fears in
this issue but I fancied to start it and to stop eating unhealthy food. I remember
from my previous experience that first days are not difficult.
The unique thing is that the time goes too slowly and I’m here expecting my
results. So yesterday and today all the time I am realizing that a very
important part of pleasure is prohibited for me now –
food pleasure. I remember it when I see the oven where I used to heating bread or
see some sweet in the kitchen and my first instinct is to take it to.. and
to eat it but I say to myself No! you can’t! it’s not for you now! And I go to
do other things. As you see my first breakfast (if it’s possible to name it
breakfast) is very poor just two egg whites and one entire egg with coffee
with cinnamon yesterday it was ok I still had enough energy from the
previous days when I was eaten enough and
is in one or two hours I’m going to have more food and I will feel a little bit
fuller. Here I show my initial weight of first day 55.7 kilos I take it always in
the morning before breakfast and I really think it will be decreasing every
day now. So how was my nutrition yesterday – first day? I’m going to show
you each meal, each dish I consumed yesterday. So here is my
third breakfast. Is important to take care not only about the ingredients but
also about quantities 50 grams can be 52 but not 60. My first day is Wednesday, so
for lunch I have beans, chicken, 150 grams of green
vegetables, seeds and olive oil. Something of snack one white egg, 1/4 of avocado
and a slice of rice bread. For dinner a white fish and salad and this is all
what I have eaten in all the day. Ok and which are conclusion? First day was
easy: enough energy, enough motivation. I wasn’t very hungry
And the most important for me is that eating only one day this kind of food
I feel more light, more flexible and it doesn’t matter if this is only my autosuggestion. The important thing for me is how I feel because if I feel well
I am happier. And one more thing yesterday evening I recorded my legs and
the zone of most cellulitis I have. Later I want to do a video
comparing before and after. I am sure that in just five days
I will notice big difference and in one month my shape will change completely.

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