Video 6 – 3rd day 24 08 2018 / Why today is the first hard day?

Hello YouTube and YouTubers! Today is my
third day of the program. What is my nutrition of this third day? And how do
my exercises combine with food of this day? And the most important is why today
is the day where it starts to be hard for me? I will try to explain all these
things in the next few minutes. Now I’m going to gym. I have already had my third my three
breakfasts and with this energy I am going to workout first breakfast where
two egg whites 1 egg and coffee the second one was 50 grams of first fruits
and a slice of rice bread with coffee it’s important to realize if we eat
cereals with or without gluten thought breakfast was 10 grams of nuts and one
egg one egg white only egg white and and after eating all these things I am
completely ready for my dose of sport today I’m going to work out legs and the
gluteus this is much more difficult for me than the routine of yesterday when I
was working out arms and back it takes some more time more exercises and more
repetitions and when I will be back at home very tired my lunch will be very
poor why because the essential thing the essential difference between my lunch of
yesterday and today is that today I will not have beans for lunch only chicken
green vegetables and seems not beans not olive oil I will not feel full then I
will have a small snack and normal dinner and I will go to bed being a
little bit hungry and tomorrow and after tomorrow will be even more difficult I
already know it and I need to make up my mind to spend those days this is why
today it starts to be hard when I be able to maintain my curse I
hope so

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