Vitamin C Can Treat a Cold – Myth or Reality?

Myth or reality? Vitamin C supplements can treat colds. We asked our viewers again what they thought, 23,000 people weighed in. 64% think this is reality. I mean, this is a debate that’s been going on. You obviously researched this. (laughter) Dr. Shapiro, what’s the answer? It is a myth. (audience applauding) Wow. A lot of people have these thoughts.. So Linus Pauling was wrong. Linus Pauling was great, but not in his research on Vitamin C. Okay. So, yes, Linus Pauling was wrong when it comes to Vitamin C. So Vitamin C does not treat colds, it does not prevent colds. That said, if you feel that you’re taking Vitamin C is helping you prevent and treat colds, then take it. It’s pretty harmless. (audience applauding) [Dr. Shapiro] It is expensive. So you think that’s more of a placebo effect? [Dr. Shapiro] Absolutely. Which is fine. Yeah. [Dr. Shapiro] Just strong and it works. [Man] Well, that placebo effect is working in more than half the people. [Orange Dressed Woman] Absolutely. Yeah. It is a big deal. I hope we didn’t- Vitamin C is the #1 supplement across- Well, the good news is it’s water soluble, you’re not going to get in trouble with it. Not gonna overdose on it, you’re just wasting your money, right? Exactly. And I think that’s a hard (mumbles) because a lot of people believe in their Vitamin C. They believe in their Vitamin C. That’s fine! Keep taking it, keep taking it… I know my wife believes that Vitamin C will and, you know she’s home with 3 doctors. The 3 of us are like “mm-hmm”, (audience laughter) Nina great stuff, thank you so much, Dr. Shapiro. (audience applauding) And guess what, here in the audience you’re all going home with a copy of her new book, “HYPE”. Yes. (audience applauds)

9 thoughts on “Vitamin C Can Treat a Cold – Myth or Reality?

  1. Well i take 10,000’s of times the recommended vitamin c when i fell like trash or have overused my muscles that mixed with a full fat protein shake at 1k calories (and normal food worth 3k)

    And i heal at an increased rate not my skin tho that heals at the same slow ass rate no mater what

    Vitamin c is good for general health and larger amount for speeding up healing

    You want to get rid of colds?

    Stop washing your damn hands every 10 seconds

    I wash my hands basically never and the last time i had a cold or anything that did not clear up in hours was 7 years ago

    If you subject yourself to any and all non fatal germs around you your body will adapt yes your metabolism ski-rockets but would you rather never get ill or be hungry all the damn time

    Not to mention no mater how much i eat my weight stays constant give or take 1-2kg of pure poop

    I eat more i crap more thats literally it

    Hell i spent half a year going to the gym a few times a week tripled my strength and didn’t gain any weight or size and i am about as skinny as you can get and still be beyond health

  2. at 1:25 as soon as he said “and guess what, here in the audience you’re all going home with…” I expected him to say a pack of vitamin c 😆😆😆

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