VLOG: STOP THIS PANIC What I Think About Wuhan Coronavirus

Hi guys! I’m making this video today for one reason PEOPLE PLEASE STOP PANICKING! Don’t get fooled by all these news and rumors about Wuhan coronavirus! Now this video is getting viral al over Internet It feels like anyone can put this protection on and say anything, like literally anyone! They can say whatever they want to and you can’t check it You can’t know if it’s true or not I live in Guangdong province And yes, when I go outside I try to protect myself with a mask And I wash my hands a lot these days And I use my UV-lamp in the evening for 15-20 min But I do this during a flu epidemic as well! And I believe that it’s all I can do now Today I prepared a table to help explain what I’m talking about This is statistics of annual flu morbidity and mortality in different countries You can see that every year in USA, let’s take it as an example 12,000 to 37,000 people die because of flu. And you can check other countries now Why nobody is panicking because of this? Why media talk only about people who died, now it’s around 40 And people who died, they went to the hospital when it was too late But you can die because of flu also if you will not get proper treatment, right? Why media don’t talk about who got cured? And there are people who got cured! Who is behind all this hysteria in the media? I have no idea If you have any ideas, please tell me inthe comments below Stay safe! Bye bye!

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  1. Inside the Chinese lab poised to study world's most dangerous pathogens : Nature News & Comment

  2. why are you comparing a old virus with a new one. Plus didn't they stop car traffic and stop selling gas. Lots of sources are saying there is no more room in hospitals (Doctor are turning people away) go there and i'll believe you. Since when do they build hospitals for a few sick people. Read between the lines

  3. Какое полезное видео!) реально уже надоела эта жуткая бессмысленная паника, которую наводят! (( как будто апокалипсис наступает (( и всем конец((

  4. This is bad advice. We are witnessing the early stages of a deadly global pandemic. It's already on every continent and 2 week incubation period means there are many more people infected and not experiencing symptoms yet than people who are already getting tests and receiving treatment.

  5. Terrible advice. Staying safe is the only good advice you gave. Yes people are being cured. If you have a strong immune system and get treatment you can beat this. The problem is the dwindling medical supplies. The rate this virus is spreading globally and the fact that this is a totally new virus never seen in humans before.

  6. According to the CDC in 2019 there were around 61,000 deaths for 42.9 million cases of flu. This means about 2 people out of 10,000 died from influenza.

    China has "confirmed" around 2000 cases and there have been over 50 deaths. This is 2 OUT OF 100 PEOPLE.

    Do not compare apples to oranges.

    Xi HIMSELF has declared there is a GRAVE danger. You might be ok right now, but if that city you are in gets locked down, THEN you will know what it REALLY is like to be in Wuhan right now.

  7. The government is building 2 hospital to hold 1000s of people. Everything is fine imma Uber eat some batsoup bye bye

  8. finally something that scares china but still not russia. but judging for her other videos this channel was intended for "special" audiences.

  9. Try walking up to the ass-Load of people in every over crowded hospital literally dropping dead that they should "StOp ThIs PaNiC" (-_-)

  10. Then what about videos from the Hospital in Wuhan of the actual Doctors working and those freaking out over stress from having to deal with this case on what was supposed to be a time of celebration. Your showing us one video as an example, yes this one video of a lady fully clad isn't very helpful because there's no background or anything. But there are so many more videos spreading from within the hospitals dealing with this situation that are more detailed and can be proven. Not trying to pick a fight, just curious and worried trying to follow updates on the matter.

  11. Please do a video at a hospital in Wuhan reporting the true situation and stop sighting in Guandong. People have all the right reason to be panicking BECAUSE it's NOT a flu. It's a virus we don't yet have vaccine for.

  12. That girl thats wearing a mask. I was lead to believe that 90'000 were supposedly infected.

    An hour later some idiot reposted it as 90'000 dead.

    Clearly it appears to be nonsense.

    Thats the problem these days everybody's out to make a dollar.

    The truth is nobody really knows the true figure on how many are infected.

    Fear is infectious but its not a true indication of the situation.

    My guess is big pharma is driving this fear.

    Also stupid irresponsible YouTuber trying to get views, clicks and subscribers.

    How many idiots reposted trying to get views?

    The worst thing about this is fear is irrational.

    The problem is exasperated by people who aren't very healthy.

    I remember reading about the flu season over the last two years and how 20 of the elderly had died from the flu.

    What the news reporter failed to tell us was that these old people are almost starving to death.

    What I wasnt aware of was that our government isn't feeding our elderly patients properly.

    They privatised the "food providers" which is a multi-billion dollar contract.

    These old people are living off dry stale party pies and sugary drinks.

    Malnutrition is endemic in these places.
    The point I make is old people are not getting the nutrition they need nor are we as citizens getting adequate nutrition.

    Ultimately this leads to people dying from the flu virus.

    If they release a vaccine then I think it was all about drumming up millions of dollars.

    A few years back in Australia the government bought 1.5 million worth of vaccines. Everybody refused to take them. It was no where near a pandemic.

    Which means our goverment wasted 1.5 million on useless vaccines.

    Oh and get this.

    After the vaccines were given to many of our aging population the following year we had the worst outbreak of flu virus on record.

    So if anything it made it much worse.

    But the shocker is that every time it gets worse they give more vaccines.

    Why the hell would you give more vaccines if it causing death?

  13. dear yellow watermelon, the flu appears to be highly contagious AND highly lethal. It is not something to understate. Perhaps there is a lot of wishful thinking at work, but please pray for yourselves and others to God, no matter how healthy you are today. I have been following the updates of this outbreak on twitter and I fail to see the seriousness of the flu. Perhaps reconsider your presence on social media, and think if the worst case scenario occurs, do you want the world to have access to your memories in youtube? hmmm.

  14. What will happen next? It's alarming…We were in Wuhan in early December, it was an ordinary city – https://youtu.be/d7SMmj8G0ok?t=86

    Take care!

  15. There are videos here on YouTube of ground zero footage and its dire. There is almost complete collapse in some places. These cities are supposed to be locked down but videos show tens of thousands fleeing the Wuhan. There's one with a doctor crying in terror who thinks the government is lying and the infected could be over 100,000 people already. She says bodies are everywhere.
    It took a week to infect 650 and kill 17. It took 3 days to infect 2000 more and bring the death toll up to 47. If the numbers reported from China is true. It's already been confirmed in almost 10 other countries. It's spreading and exponentially.

  16. Have you even looked at their wholesale meat markets. Not only live wild animals, but cats and dogs, and rats and bats, as well as snakes. Slaughtering them all together completely in the open with people putting their hands all over the unwrapped meat. God told us not to eat rats for a good reason. I don't know if it is as bad as they are making it out to be, because I have not looked enough yet to determine that, but man I am not surprised with some of those meat markets.

  17. the media like to create panic i think, i saw someone on facebook that tought that the diseace is spread on perpes :s so weird

  18. 1. Your mask is useless (your mask only for bacteria not virus), use at least n95 mask
    2. Normal flu can be cured by increasing your immunity but that not working for new virus
    3. Your data is not valid bcos normal flu's victim are mostly kids under 5 and oldman over 65 (person who have low immunity). but this virus kill all ages.

  19. You are being very naive about this. Let us seriously hope that there will be no further mutations of the strain. It is a potential global pandemic killer that hasn't been seen since the Spanish Flu, over a hundred years ago.

  20. Is the op living in wuhan? She I believe may be a privileged person. She may not have to face what that locals hsve to go through. Is she suggesting the protestors are inflaming the situation to gain upper hand against the ccp? I dont expect panic but I do sympathize with the chineese ppl right now.

  21. You are stupid. My friend live in China and told me gov and medias are lying to the population. More than 15 cities are in quarantine, its not 4000 but 200000 people infected, they are all dying in hospital. The virus spreads faster than usual because it’s Chinese New Year so millions people are travelling. Gov gave 1 week more holidays to prevent contagion, schools and offices are closed. Last news today I got is that the people are contagious even before they get symptoms! Yes people should panic. You must wear a better mask than this one which is useless, and also goggles because it can spread in eyes mucus. Also the best is to get food reserves and stay at home!

  22. The flu doesn't kill 5% of those who get infected.
    The flu mortality rate is .04%
    In my city of 1 million we get on average 200 cases of the flu every year.
    Only one death every few years.
    The wuhan/Corona virus spreads to thousands of people
    in a matter of weeks, and continues to mutate.
    close to 100 dead in 3 weeks.
    The flu and this novel corona virus are very different.
    The Chinese government is in full panic mode.
    I suggest we all should panic as well.
    Panic is a legit survival tool, use it.

  23. Amazing this scared me but thanks for help share you are fantastic and big thumbs up like it 👍🏽🤩♥️

  24. The common flu is a well-known virus that we know how to handle and cure. The coronavirus that is currently active, is a brand new strain that is so new they haven't even been able to name it yet. And they've already said there is no cure for it, and they're not even sure about the best way to go about treating it. You are comparing apples to oranges, a well-known virus to a brand new one with no cure.

  25. Im sorry but are you for real? how confident are you to say that this plague should not cause a panic? I dont know what to believe in anymore, people love to spread false information and create scare. are you really in Wuhan? thanks

  26. For your own good, take it seriously. There is a person who know what he is talking about (Professor Yuen who identified SARS): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcbJdRb6mds
    Please take it seriously and wear proper mask. You are not only risking your life but also risking other peoples life.

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