here is how to use cooking oil
to definitely get rid of stretch marks Discover in this video how to eliminate
Stretch marks step by step, of course, with the best home treatment step
by step. A super simple and inexpensive house method
who has in the kitchen of your house and will clear up your stretch marks in 3 days maximum. You will find yourself even quickly with
these white and red trails. I was full of stretch marks after breastfeeding
and after doing this great house treatment, they disappeared This powerful homemade cream will make disappear
your stretch marks and your cellulite once for all. You will finish them all! Test and prove! Do you have other home treatments
that you use daily to eliminate or stop stretch marks or cellulite? So, share it in the comments,
it may not help others! Stretch marks are the result of stretching
constant elastic fibers of the skin. Sudden stress causes breakage
internal layers skin, resulting in scarring. There are two types of stretch marks. The first is the tension or loss of elasticity
due to pregnancy, growth in adolescence and any change in volume due to tampering
hormonal. The second type is caused by an excess of
cortisol because of the need to take steroids in large doses over a long
period. so as ingredients you will need to
two spoons of white or brown sugar, two spoons of cooking oil
these oils are very little known and yet are very rich in linolenic acid, linoleic, vitamin
, e, essential fatty acids, which allow to treat the dermis in depth mix everything apply in massage, let
dry and rinse do it at least three times a week
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