WARNING Nasty Infected Wounds (Thailand)

It is approximately two weeks after I got
these wounds. And they are still, they are getting better
now. And this is from my mosquito bite. Mosquito bite here. Doesn’t look good. But it is getting better. I think you just need to wash these things,
and just put some coconut oil on or aloe vera or something like that. This is also getting better, from the mosquito
bite (sting). And this is my trench foot, from the doi inthanon
ride approximately two weeks earlier. And this is… also I have not been treating
myself very well. I have been hiking in Sweden. This is also getting better. I don’t know really why these are getting
like white, from stuff that needs to get out. Here too, really weird. I didn’t use any plasters when I was in Sweden. That might also been like doing some… But it was nice to have foot out in the open,
not in like wet sweaty socks. Don’t have your feet in a wet environment
for a long time. Just for the record, I just want to show the
wounds after I have been in the shower. The thing will like go off and, it is an open
wound now, so it’s like a hole in my leg. And I have it on the other side also. Some say it is a parasite thing. Some say it is just an infection but… Pretty nasty, it has been around for a while,
but it feels like it is getting better. Well I am getting better myself. Here too. Doesn’t look very good. And my trench foot. Here it is just like very random, but on the
sides it is almost healed. That is pretty good. And this one is also almost healed. And the thing I had on my finger is also almost
healed. And on my left leg. This is also looking pretty nice. Does not hurt at all at the moment, but you
will never know. Seems like that they get better, and they
just like, get bad again, I don’t know why. I also had something on my back. I used different things in the beginning I
used like…. In the beginning I just used soap I guess. Soap and water. And then when I came back to Denmark at some
point after a while, I thought OK, I need to do something else. I used…. First I just made a foot bath for my feet,
with camomile. And then I used a bit of camomile with ginger
and stuff. And then I went to the doctor, and he said
it was a bad idea to use camomile and ginger because you never know what is in it. And you can do more harm than good. He said he would either give me a hormonal
solution on these wounds, but I told him that I prefer not to use medicine….. His advice was to use only water. I am currently only using water. And I think it will just disappear, when my
immune system will get better. Exercise in Thailand with the Doi Inthanon
together with the flies and stuff, and insect bites, or insect stings. And afterwards like pretty much stress with
getting around in Sweden and also pretty hard exercise. The thing that my ex girlfriend and I like
went… Split up, like split things up totally in
the house, also was pretty stressful i guess. I also got bit in Danish nature, or stung
by insects also, like mosquito bites. And I got a wound here, but it is getting
good now. After I just used water. And also the lack of sleep and maybe eating
a bit too much of salt. The salt thing can tip your hormone balance
completely off actually also destroy your immune system. I had a little dip, and now I am pretty good
again. I am trying to get rid of some of my wounds
from the insects probably a bad mix of parasites, and infection, and stuff. I am not really sure what it is. It looks pretty nasty as you can see. This is almost good. So this healed. This is not from insects, or maybe it is. Maybe it is the flies, but… This is the most nasty one. And this one is also seems to be healing more
nicely than this one, just went crazy tonight. I have not tried this before, but people say
that salt water is good. Let’s try to get in there. I don’t have my towel, so I will not go totally
in there, just covering up the wounds. Don’t go near here because… Don’t go swimming here because there will
be filled…. The ocean will be filled with parasites now. We have the end of December (September…). And we can see that the wounds have almost
healed here. And the worst one I have here is also almost
healed. It’s like som old skin now. It is not a crater anymore, it’s not a hole. So it is pretty clean. And it will heal up pretty nice soon now. The same with the other wounds. My toe is almost also ready. Everything looks smooth and clean. What I want to talk about is that if you get
these type of wounds, and there will be an infection. What I would recommend is to clean it in the
morning and then put a plaster on, or cover it up in some way. And then change the plaster, or the cover,
or the bandage, or whatever in the evening. And just wash it up, put a new one on before
you sleep. A wet wound… not a wet, but like a wound
that is covered up is in a moist environment. And that heals up apparently much better if
you ask around. I would…. I haven’t found any studies, recent studies,
on that, but I might do that. I should actually because I went to two doctors. One said that I should just leave it in the
open, and the other one said that it should be covered up. And I trust the doctor who said that I should
cover it up. I also read some time ago that you should
cover up, and the thing that you need to have it in the open is just old school thing. And yeah, I think that it’s…you can use
aloe vera or whatever, just to also clean it, but otherwise just clean it with water
or soap water. But water should be fine, and I… I would use soap water, just to clean out
the bacteria if it is really nasty. And if you can push out the pus or the bacteria,
it’s a good idea to push it out, help the body to get rid of the bacteria and the nasty
stuff in there. But otherwise it should also have some time
to rest and heal. And get your… Drink water. Get your early nights. And just relax, don’t do… I went for… I did a lot of crazy stuff-
I just pushed my body too hard. And I think it is therefore that it took so
long time for it to heal up. Rest – don’t go Doi Inthanon. Don’t go do crazy stuff. Don’t go hiking in Sweden. In a “dirty” environment. Like hiking with a lot of things, it’s not
a good idea to stress the body. Just relax. Eat whole foods vegan. And if you are like in an environment where
you are, where you have access to a lot of organic and raw fruits and vegetables that
is great – eat a lot of that (raw fruits and veggies). Some say even that if you go fully raw, you
will heal up even faster, and I actually think that is true. If you are able to get enough calories in,
then it is a good idea to make the body heal up faster. But you will heal anyway. I didn’t go raw, and I pushed my body anyway… I didn’t take any medication…. Yeah, it is just about the time and how much
you stress the body.

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