4 thoughts on “WE HEARD THE BELLS: The Influenza of 1918 (DOCUMENTARY)

  1. I dont trust all of what they say on this.. as we all know the vaccinations dont always cover the type of flu going around as sometimes they do get their prediction of what the main problem strain will be wrong. In a mutation of a new strain of flu which spreads fast… can we really in this situation rely on vaccinations which do take time to make.

    Can we really too rely on the health systems and their newer technologies to keep the seriously sick alive? I think not as in many places of the world hospitals now are often even now under strain by the amount of people needing medical care (Australia often has hospital crisises where they are full and having to try to send people to other hospitals with a system which can hardly cope). A sudden huge increase in needed care would have hospitals turning people away esp if many of the workers have also got sick.

    We will at some point have another panademic and like the last time.. many will die.

  2. My grandmother was cared for by a neighbor, Mrs. Kaplicki, who saved her life and that of my mother who was born in 1919.

  3. I caught a bad flu. They found me next to my home out cold white as a ghost at 3 to 6 breaths a minute. There is 10 days I dont remember. I was given less then 50 percent chance to live. I made it but my body has never been the same since.

  4. If something like that happened today in America everyone would forget about all this TRUMP shit,people would fucking go insane.

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