4 thoughts on “Wearing a face mask may not help prevent the flu

  1. The best way to avoid getting exposed is to not touch your face especially your eyes. If the germs are present they are on door handles, counters, shopping cart handles and anything someone would touch. It can live on surfaces for 4-6 hrs. Touch a surface then touch your nose or eyes and your infected. If your going to wear anything some clear safety glasses are probably the best defense. Ppl dont even realize how often a finger goes to the face for a minor itch. Be aware. Carry hand desanitizer and clean your hands as soon as your away from the place where public has been touching everything. If your going to shop go first thing in the morn. Its likely most of the germs on surfaces have died naturally since closing the night before.

  2. So, she said “People who get the flu shot but still get the flu was gonna get sick anyway”. WWHAT!!!??? The flu shot doesn’t guarantee protection from the flu? Laughable🤨

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