Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Week 2 ~ The Flu & Results…

good morning everybody
it is officially weigh in Wednesday week to exactly seven days into this body for
life low-carb diet mixed with exercise and interestingly
enough I am having a really bad day I have a fever again I had a fever
yesterday of 100.4 which subsided when I went to sleep and then I woke back up
today head pounding just feel like I’m on fire and again 100 point – right now
lucky for you I am vlogging from the comfort of a friend’s house over here in
Florida trying to keep myself secluded from everybody but drinking lots of
water and trying to get some rest I haven’t been this sick since about a
year ago actually a year ago to the day when I got the flu
that’s three straight years that I’ve got the flu shot and I still get the flu
and last year it lasted about nine or ten days so I’m really not looking
forward to this just this is real life man do what I can do I will try to stay
healthy and hydrated the last two days and it’s funny too because I know how
this happened when I was on The Simpsons Ride in or Universal there’s a lady
right next to me on the ride you know right next to my shoulder just coughing
up a storm the entire queue the entire ride and I guess in my mind I just
thought she was a smoker and coughing no she had the flu at a park lovely hi Jax
hi guy are you doing your new pirates Mickey I eat egg looks great but I don’t
wanna get you sick I don’t know if I can get you sick but I
don’t wanna take the chance so its way and Wednesday let’s get right to it I am
happy to announce that I have been able to stay on my diet really really well I
took my cheat day and officially made that Fridays so per the body for life
diet system that I’m going by here Bill Phillips has a strict foods that you can
eat and can’t eat and you got to have that cheat day to reset so
I feel like it’s working really well but what’s going on right now is I’ve got my
body boss system and I have dedicated four days of weight training actually
it’s resistance training because it’s the band’s but I got four days so we’re
doing arms one day legs one day midsection abs on day three and then
shoulders and up and Bop upper body on day four in between those two day things
I’m doing cardio for thirty minutes which right now is boxing with the
resistance on that for the first four thirty minutes and I know I’m doing well
with that because kind of a an unusual trick is that my Apple series watch five
here has the activity thing where it tells me three things my exercise my
moving throughout the day and my standing up throughout the day it really
helps it in a way where it’s not circular dials and several days and
Disney and Universal you know that dial would actually wrap around twice as far
as the walking when I was doing six or eight miles of walking today other days
I’m getting ready to go to bed about 10:00 p.m. and I look at it and the
exercise even though I did my weight training it wasn’t enough according to
the watch so that says I need to get a little farther out so just looking at
that and then going back into the calendar settings for the previous days
it helps motivating it’s like man we got to do some jogging or high knee kicks or
something before we go to bed to build these rings so the Apple watch is a
great little health meter it’s like a like a Fitbit but I love it it’s working
really well kind of an unexpected thing I didn’t think I was gonna be using that
and the heart rate tracker and the other cool thing is when I’m doing my
exercises like when I was at the Encore resort there I can just select which
workout I’m doing whether it’s weight training or here’s the elliptical right
here and then you can time that it tells me how many calories I’m burning on the
elliptical for that session I can pause it stop it and restart it later and help
get my exercise meals done but I haven’t been to one yet and I don’t know when
the next time I’m going to be at a resort with a fitness center
I’ve also considered joining a gym because I really like the rowing
machines it’s great for my abs and my legs and my arm muscles and I really
miss the elliptical machine that’s a full-body workout it’s not like walking
I can really get my heart rate up at like 130 135 for a good half hour and
just do that machine places so I am missing one and I’m
considering is there a way to have a portable one in an RV I don’t know
because you know the boxing thing just maybe isn’t isn’t quite working very
well for me but so that’s working great the food’s working great the broccoli
I’m enjoying the broccoli now every single bite of chicken I have with
dinner I have a broccoli piece of broccoli I chew it all together it works
fine and wash it down with water I am drinking more than a gallon of water a
day so to be perfectly honest I feel I feel confident and like I’m doing a good
job with the diet and the workout I couldn’t be happier I’ve never never
made it this far there are some other things that I have
discovered along the way some changes I’ve made with the Atkins diet and that
is that there are some treats like this is peanut fudge granola bar health bar
16 grams of protein only two net carbs because it’s got 8 grams of fiber so
it’s a very healthy treat and according to the book discounts is one of those
six meals six small portion meals you’re supposed to have a day along with that
there’s also these chocolate treats oh my god it’s a different version the
indulge ones but again only two grams of net carbs so keeping it under 25 for the
day is super easy with these foods they’re not cheap though and then this
one the creamy chocolate protein shake it’s three grams of net carbs and this
counts as a whole meal as well the way the book describes it is that your
portions those six portions are supposed to have about the size of your fist so
your chicken your broccoli whatever is in that one of six meals the size of
your fist is good and this counts as one of those six meals so I mean I feel like
I’m doing a lot better now that I found out I can this tastes like chocolate
milk like a really good bag for you chocolate milk but it’s it’s actually
really healthy surprisingly and lastly I have a cheat day so I can drink alcohol
I could if I wanted to drink soda I still have not had a soda of any kind in
January not one time if I had a soda a coke a root beer got nothing just water
and those protein shakes but on my day off you saw I had a beer at Universal
Studios and I have switched from Bud Light to
globe ultra via tray on the can 2.6 grams of carbs very low carb still 95
calories in it but for my days off on Friday don’t want to have a couple of
these to kind of celebrate the progress I did get a 24 pack of Michelob Ultra
and I’ve switched away from Bud Light a little healthier I will admit it pretty
much tastes like water you know I know there’s alcohol in it because it says
there’s alcohol in it but it tastes like water so I’m not overdoing it on my days
off at least okay let’s uh let’s do the weigh-in let’s do the weigh-in
okie dokie get this set up I gotta take oh you’re ready
Jax is ready yeah all right moment of truth week one what are we gonna have
here 200 9.2 you know out of everything I expected that is not what hastening to
see nothing no change oh okay I’ll be honest with you the
results does not match the effort that I put in this last week and that is really
really really super disappointing yeah sorry you caught me a little off guard
here I I don’t really know what to say I mean my my muscles everywhere my arms my
back my shoulders my my legs right here my calves do everything is aching so I
know I’m pushing myself and pushing my muscles to be able to change some of
that fat over into muscle however how do you not see a change after what I’ve
done this week I’m baffled there you go also worth pointing out that I have some
friends and family also joining me on this 90-day thing that the James is
putting with Russ and I and they’ve been posted
on Facebook the last couple days also saying things like lost five pounds in
the first five days lost ten pounds in the first six days I’ll work my butt off
and I got nothing this week actually I don’t know how actually I feel a little
I feel a little strange right now I’m gonna pause this and get back in just a
minute okay coming into this right now I haven’t
talked with James about what his results are russets results are so I’m posting
this blind I think they’re kind of posting blind
I’ve asked James to talk a little bit about his workout routine and his food I
know he’s doing intermittent fasting which is you only six hours out of the
day and then take 18 off well that’s the exact opposite of what I’m working on
here which is six different meals throughout the day to keep your body
from going into panic mode however again I can’t get past the part
that I was supposed to lose weight I mean I something I did I lost 1.0 4.04
okay but you know to be honest I was really hoping to see somewhere in the
three to six pound difference to to supplement the work that I’ve been
putting in you know and that’s really where I wanted to be is losing three
week three pounds a week so the twelve weeks three pounds I would be at about
thirty-six pounds loss for the 90-day challenge which is would be great
thirty is my goal to get down to one eighty or more and that was not the
results I wanted to see it’s but you know it’s also important to note that
you know I’m gaining muscle I know I’m gaining muscle cuz I can feel it
so I’m swapping some fat for muscle obviously with the workout and no matter
what changing my diet from all the processed foods and pizzas and burgers
and tater tots and chimichangas and just everything that I was eating unhealthy
to all of a sudden eating nothing but healthy thank you for the kisses Jax
it’s got to be doing something for my body
so James recommended getting a tape measure to measure my waist to see how
I’m going down that’s definitely something I can do but be it being Venus it cuz I am right
now I’m not not highly motivated I’m actually feeling since I turned the
camera off I’m actually feeling a lot of just disappointment I’m a little
depressed I’m just like that’s not fair that’s not fair
it’s not about judging what I’m doing with other people necessarily except
this is a competition I’ve never worked harder in a week in my life
can I at least say that in 38 years old I’ve never worked harder or been more
passionate about what I’m doing that I did the last week and I’ve got
nothing to show for it anyway brings me to the next point like I said I have got
a nasty flu and nasty cough my head’s on fire my chest hurts when i cough taking
tylenol and an emergency and all that good stuff I’m drinking water staying
healthy I’m freezing cold in Florida you know I’m just gonna how much I’d do my
best to get better guys but but what we’re live here now I’m between Orlando
and Tampa and I can’t talk to anybody in person I can’t go do anything until I’m
not contagious and I feel better obviously so youtube peeps
please be patient I am excited to get back on the road and start exploring
some more natural areas and boondocking and making some changes and possibly
working my way out of Florida eventually but um you know I’m just hi Jax I’m just
not not feeling good with the results is all next week next week there’ll be a
change okay all right guys you

100 thoughts on “Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Week 2 ~ The Flu & Results…

  1. Update: I checked into Urgent Care after 4 days of continuing fever between 100.4-102.8. I have acute bacterial bronchitis with the flu. They put me on antibiotics and prednisone. I will admit, I’ve never felt worse in my life. I just can’t shake this one. And even with the meds, doc said my bronchitis may take another 1-3 weeks to fully go away. I’m not sure yet how this illness will effect my future videos until I get better, but I can assure you, I’m finally going to lose some weight because of this flu. I’m trying my best to eat, but I can’t do but 1 or 2 of the 6 meals I need. And although it’s difficult to swallow, I’m still drinking 1+ gallons of water each day. I’ll update you when I’m feeling better, or at least once this ridiculous fever finally subsides.

  2. Eric…..dump the hat! Shave your head if you have to…..wear a set of shades……you will look cool…..btw….I have the exact same thing….also on antibiotics AND prednisone……been coughing for a month…..hurts right in the middle of my rib cage….

  3. Get better then worry about your weight loss. You will get there. I bet your on next weighing your 5 pounds lighter.

  4. Keep in there. I didnt loose many pounds. I lost Inches at first. Muscles weigh more than fat. You Just Kerp on eathing those 6 small meals, drinking water. Keeps the 25 carbs a day. But do it Everyday. GET RID OF THE CHEET DAY. IF I GAIN i go to this plain. Some people looses slower. 2 pounds a Week is enough. Then you will keep it off. Praying for you. Walking is good. Bike ridding is good. I lost 109 inches off my body and 65 pdd. It will work.. jane in Okla. Also the Keto pills help. My husband lost 35 pds taking them and the zketo diet.

  5. In the clinic they put you on Prednisone. What you have is water weight gain my friend. Very common and remember muscles weigh more than fat.

  6. Don't put too much faith in the number on your scale. It's about health! Keep up the good work, it takes time to reset your metabolism.

  7. hi eric… don't be discourage. just keep going forward and monitor yourself. if you are losing weight (from fat)… you are doing well. moderation is the key for an enjoyable diet.

  8. Hope your feeling better soon. ☹️ losing weight can be a booger. Keep it up. You have a lot of ppl rooting for you, you’ll do it. Don’t stress. Jax is so darn cute. It’s like he knew you were upset. Giving his daddy all those kisses. 🥰

  9. Maybe if you take off more clothes you will weigh less. Not eating anything for 3 days works though. about 5 pounds Truth is you may be holding water this week go for another and see what happens.

  10. Eric,
    you didn’t get where you are weight and health wise overnight and you certainly aren’t gonna get back where you want to be in the same time.

    Head up and stay at it. Also, ditch that scale. Is “no bueno” to weigh in weekly.

    Just do your thing and the weight will come off.

  11. Muscle is a lot heavier than fat… Also, you are not boxing. You need to increase the intensity. But keep it going. I have been there done that!

  12. Make sure once you go back on Keto diet that you , drink one power ade (zero sugar) at least a day. Cause you can get what they call the keto flu. You will feel like you have the flu.

  13. Bro you need to see the .4lbs lost as a positive and not a negative. Keep up the effort and the results will come. My wife and I are rooting for you.

  14. best way i found to lose weight is quit eating. the human body gets by just fine eating once a day. stay busy all day and eat once a day, early evening. in 1 year i went from 173lbs to130lbs. best i have felt in years. i was at the time62years old.

  15. The number 209 lbs is misleading. Muscle tissue weighs MORE than adipose (fat) tissue. You have built muscle mass which is why most people gain weight when start an exercise program. Measuring your waist will be a better indicator. Keep going and you will reach your goal. Being ill dosen't either. Keep going!

  16. I know you're disappointed but don't beat yourself up and don't give up. Muscle weighs more than fat. Even on cheat days, watch the calorie intake – the burger alone was probably 1,000 plus calories. Also, be careful with the water intake. DRINKING TOO MUCH WATER CAN FLUSH OUT YOUR ELECTROLYTES – THAT CAN BE DEADLY. Try just drinking half your body weight in ounces. 209÷2=104.5 ounces =13 glasses of water. Good luck and hope you feel better. I love how Jax knew you were upset and was giving you kisses to try to make you feel better.

  17. Ya crowded theme parks are a recipe for getting some kind of illness. When the people are all packed in there you can't even stay away from people who are sick. Plus you are still contagious before your flu symptoms show up so people who don't know they have flu yet can pass it on to people around them.

  18. Ok, lots of great suggestions in the comments. Here we go my two cents . Only exercise on a empty stomach. If you can be in a fasting state you will burn more fat. Intermittent fasting is the best way to loose fat BUT it's not the only way. Remember you must be a calorie deficit to loose fat. Adjust your calories and up your cardio another 10 minutes or adjust the intensity a bit. Keep your head up . Rome wasn't built in a day.

  19. First – Just get well and forget about most everything else
    Second – I'm an Exercise Physiologist (retired) and I've lost 140 pounds.
    It took me THREE YEARS. I'm twice your age. It's okay to take your time.
    DRINK WATER! Good Luck

  20. This is expected….U gained muscle….they weigh more than fat….keep going…you will see results.

  21. Your flu may be causing you to drink more water trying to stay hydrated. I always take my weight first thing in the morning after the morning wee. It's going to be on average the most accurate representation of your weight.

  22. Please know that you're also likely to hold water weight when sick. Your body is likely holding onto everything to try to combat this illness. Not trying to sugar coat, but just saying from experience. Also, I don't want to make annoying suggestions, but as a person also on a WL journey using low carb, maybe I can offer what I've been doing that's working. On my cheat day I'm not counting carbs, but I definitely count calories. I just eat in a 500-700 calorie surplus. Thats not a lot, but enough to give myself a boost and get some tasty eats in before it's back to business. I think you'll be dropping pounds as soon as you're feeling better. Don't lose hope you're really doing a lot of good!

  23. Ohhh wow!! This one broke my heart😥 I cant wait till Wednesday, I know it will show up on the scale then. Jax…awwww comforting his Daddy…how sweet is that? Keep on keepin on man….👍

  24. Others I follow, even though out west, have been having the flu, bronchitis that hangs on, also. Hang in there, prednisone works wonders.

  25. If you are on any kind of antibiotic that can cause you to not loose any weight it will plug you up like cheese will. when you get over the flu it will make a lot of difference! Hang in there don't get discouraged! I agree with the changing up the cheat day for just a meal lay off the buttered popcorn and salt pick a smaller portion not a bucket!

  26. Remember, muscle is heavier than fat. Intermittent fasting is excellent for weight loss. You're already fasting for 8 hours while you sleep and drinking coffee won't break your fast. Tape measure is also a great idea. Hope you feel better soon!

  27. Week 2 is often a plateau. Ever watch the Biggest Loser? Always week 2 is the worst results. Don't let it get ya down and push through! Cheers

  28. I would encourage you to do intermittent fasting/time restricted eating and do you workout in a fasted state. Sounds like your food quality is good. Keep up the work though bud it will compound.

  29. Salt and sugar in those snacks.gotta stop the fancy shit.walk.bacon eggs and cabbage carrot salad . exercise and muscle build adds weight.

  30. Don't get discouraged…Give your body a little time to adjust to your program…Keep doing what you're doing!

  31. If you choose to go keto after you've met your weight loss goals you'll find that you rarely get sick. I've just watched your video and seen your weigh in. Keep going. I'm keto and now just started Omad which is a bit extreme but I'd like to suggest that you check your macro's and your calories. If your macro's are in the keto range you'll start losing weight. Firstly water weight then actual fat because you'll move into a fat burning mode.

  32. I could give a lot of advice for the weight loss but it would probably be overkill as many are throwin in their 2 cents. I will say that 1 cheat day a week is not good. 1 cheat meal about every 3 weeks maybe…

  33. I'm sorry to hear that you have the flu. Take care of yourself Eric! If you have to go out in public for meds, see the doc, get some soup… Please wear a mask. Would have been nice if that lady did 😞 Feel better soon!

  34. cheat days just don't work for some people, also the things in the atkins products like sucrolose can have a negative impact on insulin and other hormones they are basically junk food and should only be used for an emergency situation but also the 6 times a day works for very few people. The bulk of your body's energy goes to digestion when you are eating so frequently your digestion often doesn't get a long enough break.

  35. I just love jax he sure is keeping a eye on u just taking everything u say all in lol he's so adorable love u guys hope ur feeling better soon keep up the good work

  36. I’ve done the low carb diet before and lost 100lbs. The big thing to keep in mind is you are trying to get your body to go into ketosis. It takes different amounts of time for this to happen for different people. It took several weeks before seeing results for me. But once it starts coming off it comes off quick. Plus keep in mind the more you exercise the more your muscles retain water and grow. So that will screw your weight results. Don’t get discouraged. Hang in there.

  37. Try the 16 hr fast three times a week & only 1 or 2 meals a day. Snack on fruit, if needed. Cut out all processed food. Good luck!

  38. We are proud of you!!!! It’s time you trolled the trolls. I hope u take time off while ur sick. It’s easy to get sick after a diet change and lots of exercise.

  39. Hey Eric, let me say the weight loss will come. Keep driving forward and change nothing. Weigh yourself in another 2 weeks. One week is not going to be that dramatic. Don't loose focus, keep going and the results will show!!!

  40. Oh man…Hate to hear how bad you're feeling. Praying for a quick and complete recovery. Hope you feel better soon! I know you are disappointed that you didn't see more weight loss. You have been putting in the work and effort with your diet and fitness. You will see results. Don't give up! …but first give yourself some time to recover from this illness.

  41. muscle is heavyer than fat. You,re building a fitter body. Do it for your health mostly not just for the weight. Try Keto maybe. Who knows ?

  42. Remember: Muscle weighs more than fat. Only weigh yourself once a month. Your weight number doesnt matter. Your clothes will fit differently. Its called NSV: Non Scale Victories. You will FEEL better. Give your body another couple weeks AFTER you get better. DO NOT FOCUS on the scale. I did Atkins, just concentrated on not eating carbs, no extra exercise. Lost 30 lbs in 3 mos. IT WILL HAPPEN. Also check into DDPYOGA.

  43. Get better soon ! Keep doing what you're doing and you will see the changes and you will start noticing your clothes get looser. Measure with a tape and toss out the scales for now.

  44. Woa….We have some things in common. I started a diet after watching your diet video. I like broccoli and I have an adopted runaway cat. I'm going to try to start filming once a week and if I am able to. I'll do my best this weekend. I hope you can check it out. I'll include my cat !! He'll probably steal the show. I have drank Micolb ultra light in the past when I was not even on a diet. I liked it though. I am not experienced in filming but will try to start filming this weekend. January 11th or 12th I hope. Holy mackerel your diet is quite different than mine. I'm doing the fasting type diet and have lost about 7 lbs already with no extra exercise other than I work full time as a truck driver. I invite you over to the fasting side. But really keep trying your wisdom and ways. But I know with my dieting experience that the losses on the scale average at times. But I'll begin documenting this on film. But you are motivating me. So don't ever quit. Hope you get well soon. (Weds evening post 1/8/ 20)

  45. If it's any consolation, when you start a diet the first thing you lose is water weight. Your medications may be influencing the water weight loss. Keep up what you're doing and get as much sleep as you can. Hope you feel better soonest.

  46. Your reaction was hilarious on your weigh in – can’t stop laughing – keep at it you will see results soon – JAX understands.

  47. I think Jax had a paw or two on the scale when you weren’t looking. Don’t sweat it Eric, you are doing everything right and it takes a little time to get results. Keep a positive attitude and and get healthy first, before putting in to much effort on exercise. Just a minor set back. Rooting for you!

  48. Eric sometimes it take a couple weeks or more for it to show in weight. Don’t despair and you’re sick which means you could be retaining fluid. Keep it up and it’ll catch up in no time.

  49. Do three meals a day with no more than 20 carbs per meal. Don’t save them and eat them a once! I’ve been on low carb since April down 71 lbs

  50. That is why I don't get flu shot.. Sorry your ill.
    Jacks is watching you while you talk lolo..so funny.. Feel better..

  51. Wow you're very trusting I don't get flu shots anymore and I don't get the flu. It's all a farce anyway. In case you haven't noticed they don't care about our health they want us all dead and gone. Globalists want to depopulate the earth. They don't care about us. The flu shot is the most corrupted vaccine of them all they've even found rat cancer virus in it and all kinds of other garbage.

  52. Don’t get discouraged! I finally quit using the scale, still doing the routine. It felt so much better not being a slave to the scale. I had to remember it’s is a lifestyle change. I hope you get better soon.

  53. Some of the fat will turn to muscle which weighs more, so the exercise is helping to turn that fat to muscle around. keep it up and praying you feel better soon.

  54. Hang in there Eric. BTW, they say muscle ways more than fat so results could be misleading. Pound for pound you are getting healthier (except for the flu).

  55. Get better first. Do the best you can while being sick. But this bug going around is no joke. Health first, then diet. Take care.

  56. For cardio, try watching jill sansone walking vid's. 1 or 2 days a week, free here on the tube. Don't beat yourself up!!! It will happpen, takes time. One step at a time! Hope you get to feeling better soon! (And muscule weighs more than fat). I would be more interesed in the body measurements, rather than the scale to start!!!!! U got this!

  57. Dont get discouraged. Your body needs time to adjust and catch up to itself. You'll notice the weight lose again soon. Its called a platou. Normal.

  58. Take it easy on yourself. Be careful with that bug. Mine was the sniffles then bronchitis then BAM pneumonia! Please don’t over do while you’re feeling so bad.

    Doing the tension exercises, you might be building up the muscle. The measurements would be great for showing you where you’re losing.

  59. Head to Suches, GA. Let the North GA mountains clear your mind. Dieting isn't easy but eating healthy making good lifestyle choices are ALWAYS good for you brother. Be blessed.

  60. Some times you dont lose weight but you can feel like your clothes are loser… plus true weight is first thing in morning. After going potty. That's your true weight.. after first week you should lose weight. I've lost 80 lbs doing what your doing,, but I didnt have a cheat day… good luck

  61. Seems to be really going around. Hope you get better soon, it sucks to be sick. Don't be depressed about the weight loss, it took me 3 weeks to see the same results everybody else had going on in a week! Fasting kicked it in gear for me. Since then, it's coming off …. slowly for me, but it happening. At least I had my tape measure…thank gawd, watching the inches come off helped me keep on keeping on. Once it starts coming off you'll be smiling.

  62. Your building muscle, it weighs more then fat…burning fat but adding weight. stay after it. more muscle burns more fat…it will happen.and your drinking a lot of water…weight.

  63. I sure hope you get well soon. Seems everyone is getting the flu. Don't get upset the weight it will start to come off soon. Keep up the good work Eric!

  64. I had the flu once; now I get the flu shot. That flu was horrible and took a month out of my life. Hope you get better soon

  65. disney and universal is what got you sick.. more humans = more sick humans spreading germs.. IMHO, flu shots dont work.. after stopping flu shots I have never gotten the flu again..

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