‘We’ve eliminated the labour on tail painting!’ says US farmer on MooMonitor+

Our heat detection ra te for the past year
has been 55%. On the first 21 day cycle with the collars on we’re at 75% heat detection rate. So, that’s huge. In our budgeting we figured in a lot of factors. We looked at reproductive performance. We looked at health performance, reducing death loss. We also looked at things like the sort gate
cutting hours of labour from sorting cows. We also figured we would be able to cut down
our vet bill from catching cows sooner and getting them treated sooner rather then having
a sick cow for the vet to look. And on the reproductive side having fewer
cows to have to ultrasound because we’re picking up those open cows earlier. We’re looking at about a 3.5 – 4 year payback
on it and I think my numbers are very conservative. 2 weeks ago we had 2 cows that got flagged. I looked at them, couldn’t find anything. I listened to them with the stethoscope and
couldn’t find anything. vet came out to check them and it turns
out that they both had a slight case of pneumonia coming on. So that was great to pick that up even when
I didn’t see anything while looking at them. We used to have a technician coming from an
A.I. company doing the tail chalking and breeding and we have completely eliminated the labour
on the tail chalking. Right now we still have the technician do
some of the breeding. I look at the App and when cows show up ‘in heat’ I send him a text message and he comes in and breeds them. So he’s not spending an hour and a half here tail chalking cows and we’re getting better heat detection now anyway.

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