What are the signs and symptoms of strep throat?

good help this morning is your sore throat actually strep throat local doctors are seeing an almost summer surge in the illness yes and on this wellness Wednesday our doctor Frank McGeorge is here to show us when it’s time to go see a doctor while people tend to think of strep throat as a winter illness it can strike year-round and it is definitely part of what’s going around right now in children and adults it starts with a tickle then suddenly it hurts to swallow sore throats are common and often caused by a virus allergies or even dry indoor air but strep throat is caused by a bacteria now while you need a strep test to diagnose strep throat for certain there are a few factors that make it more likely that strep is to blame those include no cough white patches on tonsils a fever and tender lymph nodes at the front of the neck if you suspect strep you can get tested and antibiotics may be helpful while strep throat is definitely painful some of the worst sore throats I’ve actually seen were caused by mono now regardless of the cause if you have trouble swallowing liquids your own saliva the pain or swelling is worse on one side or the other or you have any trouble breathing you should be seen by a doctor back to you man if I even feel a little tickle I’m at the doctor I’m going I’ll try and fight it out I know I’m going to the doctor well the health remedies didn’t try and battle it but you are quick to go the doctor which is good that’s what you should do

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