What are the symptoms of staph infection? Signs of staph infection

infection symptoms and signs staph infections are caused by
Staphylococcus bacteria types of germs commonly found on the skin or in the
nose of even healthy individuals most of the time these bacteria cause no
problems or result in relatively minor skin infections most staph infections that are visible
usually have a reddish swollen bitchy and/or tender area at the site of
infection infection often the site oozes pus or has some
crusty covering with drainage sites of infection can be small like a
pimple on someone’s face or even in the nose a boil on an extremity or a large
like a carbuncle uncle cellulitis it most commonly appears on
the legs often shows redness and swelling of the involved area without
puss but impetigo shows a crusty weeping rash with an occasional blister a
blister scalded skin syndrome shows extensive
skin redness with Bully fluid or pus-filled blisters infected catheters and other implanted
devices usually show redness + and tenderness at the skin entry site deep
abscesses pneumonia osteomyelitis and most other internal infections are only
seen by x-ray and other imaging techniques or are not visible at all
for example toxic shock food poisoning although nausea vomiting diarrhea and
abdominal pain chills and fever may be present the appearances described above are only
suggestive of staph infection

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