What are the warning signs of flu complications?

if you’re sick with the flu what are the
warning signs of complications and more serious clearly if you’re having
difficulty breathing that’s more than a warning sign that’s an alarm going off
if that persistent dry cough dry cough suddenly becomes productive and you’re
bringing up sputum green or you’ve really yucky and particularly if it’s
tinged with blood you’re likely developing some pneumonia and serious
bronchitis and for those of those for both of those symptoms you need to see
someone but here’s a thought if you get flu as quickly as possible
call your healthcare provider because that doctor nurse may well prescribe for
you an antiviral drug which if you take it promptly after the onset of influenza
can reduce the seriousness of the illness the duration and make it less
likely that you get the complications so you can actually moderate influenza if
you have it and this is particularly important for all those people I’ve
mentioned who are more likely to get the complications older persons younger
persons with heart disease lung disease diabetes asthma immuno compromised very
young children don’t don’t try to tough it out call that health care provider
because you may indeed be eligible to take an antiviral medication that can
ameliorate the worst parts of the illness

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