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Topic: Pneumonia. What causes pneumonia? The letter P.
No. Pneumonia is a lung infection caused by microorganisms which generally leads to difficulty in breathing. Normally, we inhale oxygen rich air which
reaches our alveoli. Alveoli are surrounded by blood capillaries. Here, the oxygen through the walls of alveoli diffuses into our blood. However, sometimes we also inhale harmful microorganisms. Mostly, the cilia and mucous in our respiratory tract trap these microorganisms, which are then expelled while coughing. But sometimes the microorganisms don’t get trapped and reach the alveoli. There they start to multiply, causing lung
infection, that is, pneumonia. No. Now what to do? Now, to protect ourselves, the immune cells start attacking the microorganisms, causing inflammation and accumulation of fluid in the alveoli. As a result, the inhaled oxygen cannot get
easily diffused into blood, thus causing difficulty in breathing.

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  1. Pneumonia starts with a "p" but is pronounced like it starts with a "n". Can you think of some words where the first letter is silent?

  2. Now, here is a tougher one! Can you all tell some words where the last letter is silent, let me start with the first word, it's window. Your turn!!

  3. If novel is given about education, this channel well deserves to claim that . Love this channel. May Allan bless u all.

  4. Its great but lacking of info. Is it curable,is it permanent,doea the body fix itself,do you get sick from it or potencially die??

  5. You deserve way more attention than you actually get in you tube ..
    You are doing great effort in this video the way you teach is so easy so interesting so understanding.. and fits into brain

    Please never stop making videos..
    Animation and sounds of your video is too good

    I just wanna say thanks for all your videos really…smart learning ..
    any confusion after watching your videos ,it gone😎.. it really gone..

    Love you

  6. My doc said I had it i was just coughing alot for weeks then he said i have it I don't have it anymore I didn't know it was that serious

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  8. You didn't explain that it is caused by streptococcus pneumonia bacteria (plz try to give full information )

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