What Do Bodybuilders Do When They Get Sick?

What do bodybuilders do when they get sick?
They shouldn’t train if sick, but they don’t stay in shape if they don’t work out. Part of it depends on what they are suffering
from. A guy with a cold could lift weights if he stays hydrated and wears a face mask
so he doesn’t spread it to everyone else. And if he is sicker than that? A body builder shouldn’t try to work out
if they have a stomach bug, the flu or any illness that leaves him dehydrated. If you
have a high fever, you ought to stay in bed, body builder or not. That makes sense. Though I’ve seen guys
trying to pump weights while sick. The irony of trying to train while sick is
that they are using up energy that could be used by their bodies to fight the disease.
They would get healthier faster if they just took two or three days to recover. When can you get back into the routine? If you’re past the worst of it, you could
have a light workout day. Then you’re getting back in routine without leaving yourself vulnerable
to a secondary illness. Or passing out because you’re too weak to
workout. And you should never workout if you start
feeling nauseous, whether due to illness or dizziness because you pushed it too hard. It is hard enough to clean work benches between
uses to reduce the risk of MRSA. No one wants to risk picking up a stomach bug, too. Another option for a body builder is to do
light cardio while recovering. For example, doing a light workout or short run helps maintain
fitness, without the risk of dropping a barbell on you because you got light headed. But they are so often working out while sick,
like they’re tougher than the germs. A lot of guys are body builders because they
want to look tough, so that’s totally in character. So is being stupid.

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