What Is Ascension Flu Energetically?

Hi, I’m Ulla. I’m a research scientist and
a spiritual scientist. I’m here to unite the head and the heart.
Today’s video is called What Is Ascension Flu? More specifically, what is
the energetic basis of Ascension Flu, which is a condition experienced by more
and more people who are ascending. What is ascension? Ascension is gradually
moving onwards and upwards in frequency. It’s much like hiking up a hill. As we go
higher, we change our frequency, but usually it’s so gradual that we hardly
notice it. When we hike up a hill everybody does it at their own speed and
in their own way. That’s why everybody’s path is different. We don’t ascend as a
group all at once, we do it individually. What is frequency? It’s the number of waves
or vibrations per unit time, like cycles per second. Frequencies are the building
blocks of our universe. Why? Because free energy is formless. It
needs to be stabilized by frequencies to give it form or structure. When
frequencies are low, they allow the energies to stick together to create a
dense body, like our human body made of flesh and bones. When frequencies are
higher, the body becomes lighter. It can house higher energies and we can
progress faster. How do we ascend? Here is a simple analogy using a keyboard. Think
of our universe as having 12 octaves or frequencies. Each octave has 12 keys or
sub-frequencies, and each key contains a smaller octave with 12 tiny keys called
sub-sub-frequencies. When we ascend, we go from left to right
one key at a time. That’s why our progression is very incremental. We can’t
jump or skip an octave, because we couldn’t sustain that state. But as we
gradually ascend, at some point we’ll start to get access to some higher
functions, like clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy and so on. We’ll
get some super powers. Yay! So what’s the problem? Here’s a guy walking along in a
sea of energies, which is our normal environment. His body is surfing along
one wave made of lower energies that are denser than the sou’ls energies that are
surfing at a higher wave. The difference between these two frequency levels is
what causes the physical symptoms. The body is trying to catch up with the
soul’s energies. What are the physical signs? If you and your body are out of
sync frequentially speaking, you may get physical
flu-like symptoms that come out of nowhere. You may suddenly feel chilled or
flushed. You might have headaches, migraines or pressure in the third eye
area. Or sudden aches or stiffness in your joints or backache or neck ache
from muscle spasms. Or tingling in your hands, feet or body. You may also have
changes in your eating habits, what foods you like. You may get food intolerances
or rashes from certain foods. You may feel ungrounded or dizzy or lose the
sense of time or have memory lapses. You can also have blurry vision or see
things out of the corner of the eye. Or have tinnitus or ringing in the ears or
be more sensitive to sounds. You can also have a sudden burst of energy, then feel
really tired for a day or two. You might need more sleep or less sleep, have
vivid dreams or wake up at odd hours. These are all signs of frequential
“growing pains” that go away once your body becomes normalized to the higher
level. Often there are psychological changes in your values and view of life.
It may feel like you’re going through a midlife crisis but
any age. You may become bored with your job or a materialistic way of life. You
may go on an emotional roller coaster, get depressed or feel like you don’t
belong in this world. You may shun the news or negativity. You
may want to do something different, become a life coach a healer or do
something creative or more meaningful with your life. You may even move away
from your family and friends to cope with the changes they don’t understand.
Some people may be hit by a “universal 2×4” or a major life event, such as
divorce, job loss or illness that forces them to make dramatic life changes.
Afterwards they may want to simplify their life, eat more natural foods and
develop a healthier lifestyle with adequate sleep, exercise, stress reduction
by yoga and meditation and seek like-minded people to hang out with. How
does the ego deal with ascension? Not very well. The ego is the personality
or mask we wear. The ego thinks it is the human body and wants us to believe
that we are nothing but the body. That’s how it anchors us to the lower
frequencies, so it can run our life. But the soul knows it is just pretending to be
human for a while. The soul sits in the spiritual heart, but knows it exists
beyond form. So the ego and soul think in opposite ways, which creates the
psychological symptoms. The more we identify with the ego, the more severe
the symptoms. But when the head unites with the heart and the ego becomes the
servant of the soul, the lesser the symptoms, at least until the next wave of
ascension when we have to play catch-up again. What’s the take-home message? We
now understand that the physical, psychological and spiritual processes
are all based on energies held together by frequencies. There is no separation
between science and spirituality. We are here to be in the physical but not
trapped by the physical. How do we do that? By not identifying with the ego in
our head, but seeing ourselves from the soul’s
perspective. We’re trying to master incarnation while living in the world of
form. Everybody who is incarnate is a work in progress without exception. No
one is immune from having to work on themselves to move forward. The good news
is when one of us ascends in frequency, we affect the people around us, which
helps raise their frequency as well. Ultimately, we’re all just walking each
other Home, as noted by Ram Dass who left his body and ascended from the physical
to the energetic side this week. We will miss him. I want to acknowledge Guy
Needler for bringing us this brand new understanding of ascension flu. For more
information please go to my website at Big Picture Questions dot com or read my
book, which has a lot more information about who we are, why we’re here and
where we incarnate. Let’s spread the word to others. Please subscribe to my YouTube
channel, give me a thumbs up and share it with others. Thank you for watching and
uniting your head with your spiritual heart.

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  1. i have few questions : you said when the frequencies are low the create a space to let the energies to stick together and create a dense body and when the frequencies are higher the body become lighter , i did not fully get the point that link the frequency with the density of our body ? , second question , is there a ascension guide lines, how do we ascend faster ? thank you very much for your great efforts

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