What is Turmeric Good For? 10 Turmeric Health Benefits

What is Turmeric Good For? 10 Turmeric Health Benefits Lots of people use the turmeric herb in their
cooking. The main signs of turmeric are its pepper-
like smell, sharp taste, and golden color. Turmeric is known to stop swelling, kill bacteria
and viruses, as well as many other things. It is also full of nutrients, like protein,
dietary fiber, niacin, Vitamins C, E, and K, calcium, potassium, copper, iron, magnesium,
and zinc. Because of this, turmeric is a great thing
to use to cure health problems. Here are the top ten things turmeric can be
used for: • Prevents Cancer
Turmeric can block prostate cancer and even kill cancer cells. It can also stop tumor cells from growing,
so it can guard the body from getting cancer in the first place. • Relieves Arthritis
Because turmeric brings down swelling, it’s great to use for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid
arthritis. It also kills germs that harm body cells. People with rheumatoid arthritis who eat turmeric
all the time have gotten much rest from pain and joint swelling. • Controls Diabetes
Turmeric can help cure diabetes, by keeping insulin at normal levels. It also helps with sugar control, and makes
the medicine used for diabetes work. But if used with strong medicines, turmeric
can cause low blood sugar, so make sure to ask your doctor before you take turmeric capsules. • Reduces Cholesterol Levels
Using turmeric as a spice can bring down cholesterol levels. Because high cholesterol can cause other health
problems, it is important to stay on top of it to stop heart disease. • Immunity Booster
Turmeric helps keep the body’s immune system going. It also helps strengthen the immune system,
because it kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This stops you from getting colds, coughs,
and the flu. To help you feel better if you do get sick,
mix one teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of warm milk and drink it once a day. • Heals Wounds
Because turmeric naturally kills germs and bacteria, it can be used to clean wounds. If you have a cut or burn, sprinkle some turmeric
powder on it to help it heal quicker. It can also help treat psoriasis- itchy, dead
skin- and other skin conditions. • Weight Management
Turmeric powder can help keep the body at a proper weight, by helping break down fat. Someone who wants to lose weight or treat
obesity and sicknesses that come with it, can have one teaspoon of turmeric with every
meal. • Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease
Swelling of the brain is one of the main reasons for cognitive disorders, like Alzheimer’s
disease. Turmeric can keep the brain healthy, by helping
oxygen flow. This can also slow down or totally stop Alzheimer’s
disease. • Improves Digestion
Turmeric can help with digestion, by lessening bloating and gas. It can also help treat inflammatory bowel
disease. But be careful, because if you suffer from
a gallbladder disease you should not take turmeric, as that can make it worse. Also, if you have a digestive problem, it
is best to eat raw turmeric, and not capsules. • Prevents Liver Disease
Turmeric is a natural way to force poisons from the liver. The liver takes poison out of the blood, and
turmeric helps make the enzymes that keep it working. It also helps strengthen, and better blood
flow. All of this helps to keep the liver healthy. Because of all the ways turmeric can help
your health, adding this herb to your diet is a great idea. If you like the video, give it a thumbs†up
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  1. According to this Video Tumeric is a Wonder Drug that will even help cure Cancer, Unbelievable Hope it helps other Health Problems as well.

  2. ..The spice Turmeric is very in oxalates (91%), which appeared to be the primary cause of the greater urinary
    oxalate excretion/oxalate absorption from turmeric. The consumption of supplemental doses of turmeric, can significantly increase urinary oxalate levels, thereby increasing risk of kidney stone formation in susceptible individuals.and also damages your kidneys .If you have kidney stones , Gallbladder stones or kidney disease do not take turmeric . Tumeric is over hype, and a multi-billion dollars supplement industry promoting it just like big pharma .

    Taking turmeric every day will lower your hemoglobin and you become
    tired , sick , anemic Turmeric chelates iron out of your body . Go to your Doctor and get your Iron ferrtin levels checked if you take turmeric every day .

    .Too much of o a good thing can make you sick . Life is about balance
    .So much hype on the internet people selling books and supplements same as big pharma every one wants money !
    over doing things and you go against mother nature .Yourkidneys have to work very hard to filter large amounts of spices , did you know your two little kidneys have to filter180 liters of blood a day !! they work so hard day and night ! Why you want to burden your kidneys ?? one day you can end up on dialysis !

    Moderation is the key , over doing it can damage your kidneys in the long run ! one day you wake up and you need to be on dialysis ! party is over !s turmeric and other spices are commonly sold by weight, the potential exists for powders of toxic, cheaper agents with a similar color to be added, such as "lead oxide" , giving turmeric an orange-red color instead of its native gold-yellow. Another common adulterant in turmeric, metanil yellow (also known as acid yellow 3), is considered an illegal dye for use in foods by the British Food Standards Agency.

    For pickles there are natural dye or depends on the vegetable such as cauliflower/turnip even some cabbage I use slices of beet which gives the best taste and color – give it a try. Using fresh turmeric is the best except it is very hard to clean- stains badly.
    Six brands of "turmeric" Indian spice added to recall for excessive "lead" contaminate .
    A New Jersey company has expanded its recall of ground turmeric to include additional brands distributed nationwide. Excessive lead, which is particularly dangerous for pregnant women, infants and children, has been confirmed in the spice.

    Gel Spice Inc. of Bayonne, NJ, initially recalled its Fresh Finds branded ground turmeric the last week of July.

    "Routine sampling by New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets' food inspectors and subsequent more recalled tumericanalysis of the product by the New York State Food Laboratory revealed the elevated level of lead," according to the company's July 28 recall notice on the Food and Drug Administration's website.

    In its expanded recall notice, Gel Spice added six brands of ground turmeric.

    "The products were distributed by various retailers throughout the United States," according to the new notice. "Sampling and testing of another product, produced from the same bulk turmeric, revealed the elevated level of lead."

    The additional turmeric being recalled by Gel Spice Inc. can be identified by the label information in the table below.

    Consumers who have purchased the recalled ground turmeric should discard the product, according to Gel Spice Inc. Consumers with questions about the recalled product may call 201-564-0435.

    Lead can accumulate in the body over time. Too much can cause health problems, including delayed mental and physical development and learning deficiencies, Gel Spice warned in its recall notices. Pregnant women, infants and young children especially should avoid exposure to lead. People concerned about blood lead levels should contact their physician or health clinic to ask about testing.

    The Fresh Finds brand ground turmeric powder recalled by Gel Spice Inc. is packaged in 3.75-ounce jars and has a UPC number of 81026-01230. The recalled product also has the codes of "B/B 03/08/19" or "B/B 05/18/19" on the neck of the jars. The recalled spice was distributed to ;

    Big Lots stores nationwide.

    Brand/Description and Net Weight Lot/BB code UPC NUMBER

    Spice Select/8 oz 03/18/19 076114007730

    Market Pantry/0.95 oz 05APR2019 085239211038
    Gel/15 oz 04/18/19 076114800867

    Gel/15 oz 05/16/19 076114800867

  3. Im pretty sure i would be violently sick if i drank tumeric with warm milk. I will just stick to the capsules. Oils and fatty food help with absorbsion. Black pepper helps to break down some of the components in it

  4. It has been a year now since i infused turmeric to my diet. I mix it with my coffee, sprinkle some to my sandwich with ground black pepper, use it to my cooking and many more. I started using this when i learned that it is very effective against inflammation of the entire body, anti carcinogenic and very helful in cleansing the body with various toxins, particularly the liver and kidney. How I wish i learned about this miracle herb several years earlier maybe I'm healthier now…but as what the good saying goes, better late than never..

  5. I always cook with termerac because it makes the food tasty. Howevever, it doesn't help with any of my health problems mentioned in the video.

  6. turmeric one of ginger's family, you can buy it from African or indian shops fresh just like a ginger and pill it add ginger boil for a 6 minutes then add honey drink it every day . it really help your immune an digestive system.👍👍

  7. Yo this womans horrid english drives me nuts… its Fungi is pronounced Fun Guy!! Not Fun Ji!! And itd TUR meric!!! Not Tumouric!! For god sakes

  8. The 911 bozos who marked it a thumbs down are a bunch for dumb ass idiots. How can you not believe the legitimacy of this herb??? Pull your head out you dumb asses!!!

  9. I have been drinking my fresh juice (combination of fruits and vegetables including turmeric (and a little freshly ground pepper) ) for many years. I no longer suffer from UTI and other abdominal and stomach pains, no more coughing or allergies. I drink it first thing in the morning and 1-2 hrs. before I sleep at night. ☺

  10. very useful pl add that turmeric can prevent cataract save people from snake bite helps smokers to prevent lung problems. with my 45 years I would strongly suggest that taking turmeric powder in warm water with à pinch ok black pepper powder would maximise absorption

  11. This video is little more than a commercial for the turmeric producers of the world, to increase output, sales and profit. If it is able to curb all of the sickness and ailments it claims to prevent, how come the medical associations of the world haven’t brought it’s healing properties to our notice decades ago ?

  12. I make a drink for cleaning the arteries with 8 Oz water 1 tsp cayenne pepper 2 tsp turmeric 1/2 tsp ginger powder a pinch of black pepper and 1 tsp raw honey it’s very good to clean the arteries

  13. Don't buy or make turmeric powder people..only retards do that..making it to powder kills all its nutrients because to make powder you need to dry out and HEAT the root..heat kills all nutrients in healthy foods..you eat raw ginger root, not ginger powder, so why would you do that to turmeric root

  14. i am 61. I used to have a fleshiness in the corner of my eye that was getting bigger with time unti it affected my eyesight. After drinking turmeric water with a pinch of black pepper evreyday in just after waking up for 5 months, the "piece of meat" has disappeared". …and it is so cheap here in peru!

  15. Every day 1 teaspoon turmeric 1 tablespoon honey 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder with stove warm milk (not microwave) very beneficial .

  16. Isn’t Gelatin, collagen?
    I buy Gelatin and use it every morning and most afternoons my joints are great I am 63 so are my skin and nails. My hair however needs something

  17. Since Ive  been  using  Tumeric recommended  by  friend   Im  now  taking  less  opiates  once  a  day  coupled  plus  fish oil  2000  as  Im  age  75yrs works  for  me

  18. I took just one capsule and it helped get rid of my mild sinus headache. Safer than taking ibuprofen. But I'm a "fun-guy" this may not be good for me. Lol

  19. She said if you have gallbladder disease don't take it! But what if u don't have a gallbladder anymore! They took mine out a few years ago it was packed with gallstones!???????????????????????????

  20. Where has this video been all of my life??? I am going to plug this in for my morning drink from now on…Thanks!!!!!!

  21. The Book of Mormon in Alma 46:40 on page 325 mentions roots and plants REMOVING the CAUSE of disease. If the research is correct that turmeric and ginger REMOVE inflammation, and if the research is correct that chronic inflammation is the CAUSE of disease, then the terminology in the Book of Mormon is significant. The recent research indicating these roots REMOVE inflammation and that inflammation is thought to be the CAUSE of disease is remarkably close to what the Book of Mormon says. What farm boy in upstate New York in the 1800's would know of these details, let alone the health benefits of roots in general?

  22. Thumbs down? From doctors 😶they want you not to be healthy..someone has to pay for their university..

  23. I highly disagree with the idea of not using tumeric with gallbladder disease. I used copious amounts of tumeric in cooking, drinking tumeric tea, and sometimes capsules as well, and it helped me heal from gallstones by Allah's Will, alhamduillah.

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