What to do if you have the flu – Deaf health info signed in ASL by DeafDOC, Carolyn Stern MD

Hello! This is titled “What to do if you have the flu.” The influenza virus, also called the flu, spreads easily. If you think you have the flu, call your doctor’s office. They can give you information on how to take care of yourself. You might need an appointment to see if you need special medicines, called antiviral medicines, to help you get better. If you are sick, stay home Drink plenty of fluids, especially water, and get plenty of rest. If you have any questions, call your healthcare provider for more information. If you need to get to get out of your house, to visit your doctor for example, wear a mask. The mask will help avoid spreading germs. Also, stay away from other people if possible. Don’t go to work or school or even big, public places like shopping malls. If you need food or medicine, ask other people to bring them to you. Don’t go to the store yourself. Friends and family can leave supplies outside your door so they don’t get sick. To keep other people safe when you are sick, watch our video on healthy habits to keep you and others safe from the flu. Thank you!

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