What to Feed Sick Kids (Cold and Flu Home Remedies for Parents)

– We live in a society where
there’s a pill for every ill and where some doctors
are quick to turn to medical intervention before addressing one of the most important factors in a person’s health, nutrition. Today I wanna talk about
the significant role that your kid’s nutrition
plays in their overall health and what to feed sick kids, including some cold and flu
home remedies for parents. (lighthearted peaceful music) Before we start download my free resource, The 3 Biggest Lies You’ve
Been Told About Weight Loss, in the link below. First, I wanna make clear
the intention for this video. It’s really to educate you on the role that nutrition plays in yours and your family’s overall health and how you can prevent
sickness with proper nutrition. From the common cold to
a more serious illness. However, if you’re a parent with a child who is experiencing
some extreme symptoms, please, head to your healthcare
provider immediately so they can get the proper
care that they need. Because kids are constantly
surrounded by their peers, whether at school or daycare, they’re going to be
more exposed to bacteria and more susceptible to falling sick. Often times they want the
comfort of food, McDonald’s, fries, the candy, the sugary food, but comfort food is
absolutely not what they need. In fact, it can weaken
their immune system more! And worsen their symptoms. Absolutely, hands down, the
worst thing you could do to your child, the
worst thing you could do to your child when they’re
sick is give them sugar. Sugar, it is not controversial, the sugar feeds into disease,
everybody knows this! Even the most conservative
doctor or nutrition knows this. It feeds into disease,
it feeds into illness. It’s going to make symptoms worse and it’s gonna slow down recovery. Sugar is attracted to inflammation so if your kid has a
sore throat, for example, sugar’s gonna make that worse. So if your kid has a sore
throat or an upset tummy a lot of parents wanna
give the kid a Sprite but you’re giving them 77
grams of sugar per can. That’s the worse thing
you could possibly do. Some parents wanna give them Gatorade or some sort of electrolyte drink. Guys, steer clear of
those high sugar drinks that claim they’re helping with sickness but they’re really not. Go for water, I know it’s
not sexy, but it’s fine. If you wanna put a little
Ultima in that water to help balance electrolytes that’s good. You wanna make sure
they have their sodium, their magnesium, their potassium is up and their body is healing the natural way. A huge misconception
is, well, my kid’s sick, I need to give them a Vitamin C, so I’ll give them a big
glass of orange juice. Oh, my goodness, no. No, don’t do that, that
is loaded with sugar and actually when you buy orange
juice from the store it has a very low concentration of Vitamin C. If you’re gonna give them anything, give them an actual orange. They’re gonna get the
benefit of the fiber, they’re gonna get the Vitamin
C the way nature delivered it. In a whole food. Depending on the kind
of sickness your child has you wanna give them bland
food that’s easy to digest, easy to breakdown. Foods that don’t take a lot to digest. Like, avocado or berries. Bland food. When your child is sick, generally, they’re dehydrated because
they’re sleeping all the time and they probably don’t feel like drinking a whole lot of water so
make sure you’re keeping that hydration up and their
little body has what it needs to flush out the toxins. You know, when it comes to
electrolytes you might hear that and you’re gonna think Gatorade. Absolutely, hands down, do
not give your child Gatorade. It’s loaded with sugar and it’s loaded with a lot of chemicals and stuff that are just,
they don’t need, all right. What I suggest is Ultima. I had this on my counter and I put a scoop in every
40 ounce bottle that I use. It’s safe, it’s effective
and it tastes fantastic. So pick up some Ultima and
that’s gonna be really great to add to your child’s water. Make sure your child is getting
an adequate amount of sleep. This is gonna help his or her
body restore and repair faster and is gonna stop the
sickness at the first symptom. Proper nutrition helps reduce the toxins that are going into the body
that weakens the immune system and makes you more susceptible to illness. If we can address your
kid’s nutrition first before medical intervention is necessary then the greater the chance of
their body’s natural ability to fight off sickness and
prevent it from getting worse. If you wanna learn more
about the power of nutrition and the Code Red lifestyle,
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see you on the next video. (lighthearted music)

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