What’s Going Around: Asthma, strep throat, colds, viruses

good health it’s beginning to look a lot like winter in local doctors offices – it sure is our doctor Frank McGeorge is here to show us the shifting illnesses and also the key symptom that has a lot of people looking for help in the emergency department over the weekend I saw a lot of patients that were wheezing from asthma exacerbations upper respiratory infections or both now other doctors say they’re seeing similar trends here’s what’s going around where you live in Wayne County dr. Sean Jayakar dissention st. John is seeing flu cases Henry Ford Pearson and Cottage are treating strep throat colds and upper respiratory infections with a cough garden city hospital reports some stomach viruses and Beaumont Dearborn is seeing kids with those weather-related asthma flare-ups looking at Oakland County Beaumont pediatrician Rita Patel is treating children with flu mono and asthma Clarkson Medical Group is seeing strep throat and colds and the CVS MinuteClinic say bronchitis is on the rise in Washtenaw County a Health Department says sporadic flu cases continue doctors at U of M are seeing cases of RSV and babies and toddlers which can be very serious upper respiratory infections are hitting hard in all ages and symptoms related to school stress and anxiety are up this week in kids South to Monroe County pro-america Monroe Regional is treating confirmed flu cases and some abdominal pain in McComb County dr. Stephanie Hernandez at McLaren McComb reports high volumes of confirmed flu cases plus some stomach viruses the Henry Ford Macomb health centers are seeing strep throat sore throats and upper respiratory infections and the CVS MinuteClinic is treating near infections in kids and adults family in Livingston County Ascension Medical Center in Howell reports upper respiratory infections and strep throat emergency rooms are also seeing a number of car accidents and slip and fall injuries wherever there’s snow falling more the temperature drops like it or not it’s time to shift to winter driving slow down and get out those boots back to you you bet all right doc

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