What’s Going Around: Flu, colds, upper respiratory infections

in good health tonight as we told you at the top of the show tonight state officials have confirmed the first pediatric flu death in Michigan for this year’s flu season across the country six children have died from the flu so far dr. Frank McGeorge is here with an update on the flu situation and a closer look at what’s going around doc while Karen and Kimberly right now Michigan is experiencing local flu activity that is one step up from sporadic cases but not yet widespread enough to be considered regional now while it’s been a relatively slow start to flu season most local hospitals are now seeing steady numbers of increasing cases and in some places the numbers are rising faster here’s what’s going around where you live in Wayne County attention st. John hospitals seeing lots of cold viruses and some more cases of confirmed influenza Beaumont Canton is treating a lot of stomach viruses and Beaumont Dearborn reports several kids with RSV Henry Ford Pearson and Cottage Archie upper respiratory infections and sinus infections along with some flu cases over at Oakland County Henry Ford commerce is treating RSV coughs and colds Clarkson Medical Group reports quite a few patients suffering from stomach viruses and the CVS MinuteClinic say strep throat is on the rise but upper respiratory infections and ear infections still topped the list looking at Washtenaw County the Health Department reports influenza cases ant hospitalizations for flu are starting to increase U of M is seeing viral illnesses in children causing respiratory problems and a cough that lasts for weeks coughs are also a big issue in adults checking out Macomb County doctor Glenda long that Maclaren McComb says flu season is not yet in full swing but he’s regularly treating confirmed cases they’re also seeing an uptick in upper respiratory infections Henry Ford Macomb reports children with RSV and sore throat and Beaumont dr. Asha shahe John and Roseville is treating bronchitis now if you haven’t had a flu shot yet I strongly occurr encourage you to get one now experts expect the flu to really take off after the holidays and a flu shot is gonna help protect not only you but also your family friends co-workers everyone around you and this year unlike years past this particular vaccine has been shown to really be effective against this dad is the best guess right now is that it’s a good match for the circulating variety you say so thank you doctor she ate it well having

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