What’s Going Around? Flu, stomach virus, colds

in good health tonight the CDC says the number of people battling the flu continues to fall but warning also there are still 34 states experiencing widespread flu cases and that includes Michigan but there are signs the flu is starting to lose steam our doctor Franklin George here with the latest of what’s going around for the second week in a row most local doctors and hospitals are reporting a decrease in flu activity but they cautioned they’re still seeing a number of cases here’s what’s going around where you live in Wayne County all of the hospitals we talked to report fewer cases of flu this week st. John is treating plenty of stomach viruses in Children’s Hospital continues to see RSV fauxmance in Dearborn Taylor and Wayne are seeing more colds sinus infections and some likely weather-related migraines over at Oakland County where dr. Tim O’Neill at Clarkson Medical Group says flu persists but is declining he’s also treating strep throat and hand foot and mouth disease the CVS MinuteClinic reported ear infections sinus infections and some pneumonia looking at Washtenaw County doctors at U of M are still seeing children with the flu but not as many as before strep throat and stomach viruses are going around in kids and adults are coming in with upper respiratory infections and injuries from falling on the snow and ice down to Monroe County Pro medical Monroe Regional says flu cases are dwindling down at their emergency room they’re seeing more stomach viruses and strep throat finally in McComb County dr. Evan Coyne at McLaren McComb says flu is decreasing but they’re still seeing confirmed cases of influenza B stomach viruses continue and slippery conditions have led to slip and fall injuries Henry Ford Sterling Heights reports lots of kids with strep throat and the CVS MinuteClinic are seeing ear and sinus infections as well as colds we do typically see flu cases until well into April and even May so if you develop symptoms it really could be the flu now if you got the vaccine you may be more protected since the B viruses tend to hit later in the season and the vaccine is more effective against those back to you

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