What’s Going Around? Flu, strep throat, asthma, ear infections

in good health tonight boy it seems like so many people are just getting sick I know I just killed my heart so the question is what is going around that’s lane so many people out are dr. Frank McGeorge is here and joins us from the hospital with his weekly look at what to watch out for so far flu cases are still sporadic with doctors here in their reporting just a few confirmed cases for now lots of other viral illnesses are causing problems just what’s going around where you live in Wayne County dr. Zafar Sherman at Beaumont Dearborn reports an uptake and confirmed flu cases and a number of people suffering carbon monoxide poisoning from improperly ventilated heaters Beaumont Canton is treating gastrointestinal illnesses and ascension st. John reports lots of colds and upper respiratory infections moving in Oakland County some flu cases at Ascension Providence plus strep throat to Beaumont Royal Oak is treating kids with flu mono and asthma symptoms and pediatrician dr. John been give is seeing ear infections and cases of hand foot and mouth disease in West Bloomfield West to Washtenaw County the Health Department says sporadic flu cases continue U of M is seeing lots of viral upper respiratory infections and lots of related wheezing in kids with asthma st. Joseph’s Mercy annarbor is treating those same respiratory problems plus some gastrointestinal illnesses heading in Monroe County pro medic on Murrow Regional has seen some confirmed flu and coughs and colds dr. Anthony Sango is treating upper respiratory infections fall allergies and sore throats moving into Macomb County Henry Ford Macomb health centers report upper respiratory infections in strep throat Maclaren Macomb is treating fall allergy and asthma symptoms and the CVS MinuteClinic says pink eye and sinus infections are on the rise they’re seeing them in children and adults finally in Livingston County st. Joseph’s Mercy Livingston and bright and report upper respiratory infections continue they’ve just begun seeing cases of influenza A with the first cases popping up in Brighton now experts do expect to see flu cases to pick up in November so get in to get your flu shot as soon as possible we have heard of pharmacies temporarily running out of shots but overall there are still plenty available back to you

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