What’s Going Around: Strep Throat

Welcome to What’s Going Around, a weekly panel discussion where moms share candid stories about health issues their
families have encountered. Babies and toddlers rarely get it but for moms with
older kids, well strep throat is just a part of growing up. Although strep spreads mainly through coughs and sneezes, your child can also
get it by touching a toy or an object infected by someone else.
– Absolutely. – In fact, you’re not feeling the best today, are you? No, I possibly might have it. I’m going
to get checked tomorrow. So everyone move away yeah. The worst part of it is honestly the test that
they have to do. – Oh they dread that test That is, it’s not for anyone but you know we’ve had to hold my child down and so that’s a big roadblock. – My daughter puked last time she got the test and she’s done it so many times. – Now they don’t even offer to her. – Yeah it was
so miserable, poor thing. – My son won’t let anyone touch him. No strep tests, no nothing he’s just gonna deal with it. He’s like no no they can’t touch me. – And they’re always sick
on the weekend so you’re like darn it, I should have gone on a Friday. You know it always happens on a Saturday or Sunday. – It’s always it’s like at night too and that
happens to all of us you can you feel the worst kind of in the afternoons you
know or they’ll up all night and yeah. Well Centra Care doctors know that strep
throat is painful. Your child might have swollen lymph nodes even abdominal pain. So if you think it’s strep, definitely keep your kids home from school and be
sure to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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