When to Seek Care for the Flu | McFarland Clinic

We all get infections in the wintertime, and
so it’s a little bit hard to decide when do I need to seek care? And I think for an otherwise
healthy person, especially an adult, if you have some fever and generalized aches
and pains but you don’t feel short of breath and your common sense tells you I’m not so
sick I need to immediately seek care, influenza, you can stay home and just try to avoid being
in the community so that you don’t spread that virus around. But it does become a judgment
call, so if you’re feeling very sick, even if you are an otherwise healthy adult, you
should still go in, and particularly if you’re short of breath. Children should be evaluated,
so if you think they have influenza, you should bring them in to be seen. The thing with influenza
is that treatment is probably most effective if it started early on in the illness, so
if a child is thought to have influenza, they should be evaluated. Also if somebody that’s
in retirement age, over 65, has those symptoms of high fevers and body aches, they should
also be evaluated because treatment would be helpful early. People that have chronic
medical conditions should also be evaluated. So if somebody has chronic kidney disease,
chronic liver disease, diabetes, if they’re particularly overweight, those types of conditions
can make the risk of influenza turning into a more severe illness higher. And so treatment
early in particular would be recommended.

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