Why Am I Group B Strep Positive?

Why am I Group B Strep positive? The group B strep bacteria is common in the
intestine and lower genital tract. It is not necessarily going to make you sick. The doctor was certainly concerned about it.
He’s talking about antibiotics, while I’m barely supposed to touch cold medicine. It can cause a UTI in women, which is already
a bad enough problem for pregnant women since they are peeing for two. The group B strep
can give you a urinary tract infection. The problem is that it can make the baby sick
if the kid comes into contact with it. This is not like one of those social diseases,
right? While all natural sounds nice, I like living
in a world with antibiotics. Otherwise, this is the sort of thing that could cause really
bad problems during childbirth, which is why five in a hundred women did die every time
they had a kid. It’s that bad? If you’re pregnant, it can infect the placenta
and risk the kid that way, or give them sepsis, which can kill them or kill you if untreated. Now I’m worried that he did not give me
any antibiotics. If you have group strep B, they usually give
you antibiotics during labor so that you do not give it to the kid. If you had an active
UTI, they’d give you antibiotics for that now. How do they know I have it? The doctor finds out if you have it by swabbing
you down there and sending it to the lab to check for it. In your case, the test was positive. Well, if it was negative, that’s one thing
I would not have to worry about on top of everything else. How did I get it? You can spread it by wiping back to front
instead of front to back, pushing the butt bacteria into the lady bits. So my kid could get a serious infection because
of how I wiped my bottom. And I’m about to start having to wipe baby bottoms a dozen
times a day. It is one more reason to wash your hands thoroughly.
I know I said it can cause sepsis, but it is way more likely just to cause pneumonia
for the baby than sepsis, and only rarely meningitis. Brand new babies on ventilators are no less
stressful a concept than blood borne infections. Do I have to do antibiotics? That or a C-section so the baby does not come
into contact with the bacteria. I’ll take the antibiotics instead, thank

10 thoughts on “Why Am I Group B Strep Positive?

  1. This is very informative. I knew nothing about it until my daughter was born and we were both diagnosed with it. Angry that I was not made aware of it beforehand!

  2. I have this and It hurts. Im not pregnant my doc said anyone pregnant or not can get it they just test pregnant women so the kid wont get it

  3. So it is not social it is intestinal. It is what you eat. What the heck should I not eat? That is the proper question. And you should wash your behind regularly so you don't get it in your vagina. Wipe front to back not back to front. Or use the American beday that sprays water back to front instead of front to back like the French smh seriously this was the least informative video ever created

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