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  1. Doctor Mike, you should look into the work of Dr. Sebi! Not sure what nuncas is, but those guys know what they’re talking about. Dr. Sebi- Alfredo Bowman

  2. 1. I’m cold but don’t feel cold😐. When someone touches me they will quickly ask “WHY ARE YOU SO COLD!?” and I respond “I don’t know!? I’m always cold but don’t feel cold!? I would feel sorta numb but don’t feel cold until someone tells me that I’m cold…”.

    2. Even if you get the flu shot, you will still get the flu…I got the flu shot and then the next day I got the flu😐😐😐 explain that please???🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  3. Doc, I have some questions that I am very curious. I am a foreign student here in CA, and wondering why in US when people visiting any doctor office, they will ask u fill out these question forms. Sometimes it’s about your illness and most of the times is nothing related to your health. So what’s the purpose of these questions? And do the office people really read these forms? Because I don’t get to finish all of it sometimes and they don’t seem to mind. Then what’s the point of having these forms? Or just so that people can use it to past time when they get to the office while waiting? Please answer me thanks

  4. Doctor Mike, this mustve been tough to do but thanks for making it look easy ^^ and esp, for going out of ur way to reach folks to drop a bit of knowledge, jk seriously, it helps to hear good research-based info from a caring medical professional like urself. Hope u had a Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!

  5. I love this segment ! Question Dr. Mike! you're so tall does your back and shoulders ever feel tired or sore from having to look down at people ??

  6. 7:04 yeah sure it is buddy, you happen to be drinking your only fizzy drink for the entire year just as you run into Mike. Stop kidding yourself😂

  7. 3:05 I have the exact opposite problem. I have red hands at almost all times and there are a lot of times where my hands feel like they are on fire. And they always give off a decent amount of heat

  8. Imagine walking around and see a random dude in scrubs, with a microphone saying "peewoop" If I didn't know about this channel I would think he's one drugs😆

  9. Hi there. I just wanted to say that your videos are amazing and so helpful. Im from the UK. Specificaly london and im sure you have heard of the NHS. Now i know that you are an American doctor but the NHS is one of the best things in the UK. Unfortunately its underfunded,understaffed and not appreciated enough. Ofcourse people are raising awarness but the nhs is falling appart and is under extreme pressure to keep on helping individuals. I am hoping that maybe you could talk about this in one of your videos some day to help raise the awareness of how amazing this service is and how its being neglected. This may be controversial but I think it’s important to talk about. (From a (hopefully) future doctor) 🙂

  10. The people were so switched off and didn’t want to focus on the topics! I’d love to have some medical conversations with a doctor but I’d want to be prepared for it hehe

  11. Woah woah woah.. I was taught that fevers had nothing to do with killing the virus with heat (most viruses and bacteria don't die until they get to much higher temperatures than our bodies can get), but the increased temperature speeds up the enzymatic/catalystic functions within the immune system so it can more quickly fight off the virus/bacteria before it can replicate and cause further damage.

  12. Yoooo I wish I was there to meet youuu 😭😭 I’ve been to Santa Monica pier and Venice beach many times but I live on the east coast. It’s literally my dream to meet you one day

  13. 5:00 “She’s a nurse”
    — Dr. Mike “Oh so she has all the answers already.”
    Me: who is this lady and where can I find her? I need the answers to life.

  14. me : having a doctor mom, and being stupid af, not knowing any medical stuff
    also me: watching dr mike’s videos and feeling like a real doctor xD

  15. Please come the next time to Europe. We will treat you better than those idiots in the U.S.
    Is this a real representation of U.S. population? Cause they gave you only dickhead comments and if the people are like this all over the U.S, then I really don't ever want to visit this shitty country.

  16. Saw a study recently that said that blue light isn't the real issue with sleep, it's the whole bright light source in your face regardless of the colour.

  17. My feet are always cold…I think the reason for it is that I barely wear socks.
    4:27 am I the only one who thinks the 2 girls on the left are a bit rude?
    8:34 what's wrong with him? xD

  18. Another always cold hands/feet person here: you said two things can happen and then talk about Raynauds Phenomenon, but what is the second thing?

  19. Me: starts tipping that Mike is loosing people…
    Mike: Do you have a question?
    Me: Oh even the pigeons fly away….did he just call him out on being the 'handsome YT doctor'.

  20. Oh no way! I was the person at 1:39 asking about sleep! Haha. I was literally on my way to work but Doctor Mike is just as lovely off screen as he is on. Also just as handsome lol.

  21. The last guy: Nookas,
    Dr Mike:What is Nookus?
    Him: You a doc, righ?
    Dr Mike: Yes….
    Him: Then you know
    Dr Mike: Uhhmm okay.. slowly backs away

  22. Question. When ur feet fall asleep, why do they tingle…. I'm really stupid so I don't know…. Isn't it because…. Actually I don't wanna sound dumb

  23. I've always had my hands and feet stay cold for long periods and they do turn red then purple then blue. Especially in cool areas +/- 50°F. However in really cold weather if I get them cold then warm again they will stay warm all day.
    What gives?

  24. Me to the doctor: my knees hurt
    Doctor: touches my knee does that hurt?
    Me : yes
    Doctor: removes hand does is hurt now?
    Me : no
    Doctor : alright 20 bucks

  25. Hey Dr. Mike, I hope you can help me.
    I've been having weird bacterial infections way too often. I go a month without an infection and then I get one, I take antibiotics, it goes away, two months later, BAM, another one in a different place. It's mostly UTI but I've had a vaginal infection, throat and ear infection, intestinal infection and even when my cat accidently scratched me it got infected! I've been taking so many antibiotics and I don't think that's right.

    I've asked multiple doctors what might be causing this and how to stop it but they don't give me a concrete answer. They keep saying my immune system might be weak since my blood tests show "low white blood cells but not too much" and that there's not much they can do. I should eat better or whatever.

    I'm really worried though because my girlfriend is a biologist and she keeps telling me that I can't be taking this much antibiotics because one day they might stop working at all, is that true?! Do you have any idea what might be going on or how I can get more info from the doctors I go to? I really need to know what is this and what to do.

    Possible relevant information: I have SED (Selective Eating Disorder). I've been struggling with it all my life and I sincerely don't eat as much vegetables as I'm supposed to because I'm repulsed by everything except carrots and broccoli. It's really really really hard.

  26. That hand thing we have a saying in Portugal, cold hands warm heart. Noongas might be "Nuncas" (=Nevers), like, it will never have a cure. If it was me, we would need to sit! I would machine g*n questions!

  27. Thanks for the amazing videos this year, I've learned so much about not only my physical health but also mental health as well. appreciate it thanks again for helping not only me but everyone else who watches. Can't wait for 2020 😄😄

  28. Since I don't live in that area I've got a few questions for ya:
    Why haven't I been able to burp since I was like 3-4 years old? Also is it weird that I can breath through my nose and mouth at the same time? Are they related?…
    Thanks for all the work you put into videos btw😁love your vids

  29. Some people aren't grateful for this man going out answering q and a's. Man. He is free advice and medical care you don't have to pay for. Take the opportunity

  30. Ok but this was actually really helpful. Love the way he explains all these medical concepts! He makes it so easy to follow along and understand what’s going on 🤯

  31. Whose going to live longer in the wild, someone whose hands still work and can build a fire, or the person whose fingers fell off from frostbite? 😛

  32. I actually have raynauds syndrome. It makes my fingers completely void of blood. They turn into white icy sticks. It’s lovely while driving motorcycle and I can no longer control the clutch

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