Why Do We Get Sick?

Oh what you squeeze it isn’t feeling very well today everybody gets sick even robot rats and getting the cold or flu can be sort of scary but sometimes the more you know about something the less scary it is so sweet and I decided to take a look back at everything we’ve learned about how we get sick and what we can do to feel better first why did it in the first place and what is your body do to help you feel better when they get cold outside it’s time to bundle up and take good care of yourself because cool weather time it’s cold and flu season you heard of cold everyone gets them that’s when you get me and copy and maybe you’re running a temperature and flow is just another kind of cold and it’s really no fun in a CPL 1804 and hot and all-around miserable but have you ever wondered what causes a cold and the flu what they’re both caused by something called a virus viruses are very small too small to see you met with most microscopes they can make a big difference in your body though because they can make you sick yes weeks since viruses can make a sick we sometimes call them germs but not all germs are viruses but the ones that can cause the flu and cold definitely are now in order to make you sick the flu virus have to get into your body first it usually gets in through our nose or mouth or our eyes and once we give him the virus starts to make copies of itself until there are locks every one of them in there but don’t worry your body has ways to fight back it might seem kind of weird but sometimes if the things that your body doesn’t fight the virus and other germs that makes you feel kind of yucky take for example mucus that’s the sticky running stuff that comes out of your nose your body makes mucus to trap the flu virus and other germs that are in your nose and mouth when you get run down your nose it carries the flu virus with it along with other stuff your body have used to knock them out gross maybe but it works when you get run down the back your throat after awhile it can make it hurt to that don’t you sometimes get a sore throat when you’re sick but washing out the virus even the only thing your body can do to fight the flu can you think of another thing that most of us do when we’re not feeling very well you’re right weeks we need when you sneeze air comes out of your mouth and throat really quickly as the air boom by it picks up some of the virus pieces and carries them outside of your body so sleeping is your body’s way of sending viruses and other germs on their way now if you’ve ever had the flu you probably know what a fever is a fever is another way that our bodies try to get rid of the virus when germs are inside your body you can make itself hotter than normal and guess what viruses hate that because want to give too hot it’s harder for the viruses to make copies of themselves and that helps your body get rid of germs more easily so your body has lots of cool ways to defend itself but what else can you do to make yourself feel better when you get sick well I’m giving lots of rest is one of the best things you can do when you’re not feeling well when you rescue scene energy and your body can use that energy to get rid of the virus another thing you can do is drink a lot healthy things like water from juices and even soup will give your body the things that needs to help you get feeling better soon of course the best thing to do is to not get sick in the first place and to help with that the number one thing to do is wash your hands oh ha plain old warm water and soap can go a long way in keeping you from getting sick it’s especially important to wash your hands when you get home from school or the store and remember how we said that the flu virus often get in through your nose mouth and eyes the other thing you can do is to keep your hands away from these parts of your body as much as you can even though it can be hard to remember sometimes and you can also keep them from spreading to other people by covering up your costume sneezes remember yours are leaving your body and going into the air when you cough entreat so if you can have your mouth the nose of the tissue and then roll the tissue away and then wash your hands if you can’t get you a tissue in time then cough into your elbow instead of your hands so try to keep clean and stay healthy even go outside and enjoy the cold weather Oh squeeze you know you want to cover your nose need you will need to fix hill it’s all right buddy here you go hi leaving is one way your body keeps germs and other gross stuff out so you don’t cover your mouth you might just get everyone around you your germs hey it’s cleaning day today we’re doing a little tidying up around the fort we’re sweeping and dusting oh yeah I said the Pixies you know when I think about it leaving not the only time I sneeze sometimes I speed when I’m around flowers and I think a lot when I have a cold and I bet you can think of some things that make you sneeze to it happens everyone’s what have you ever wondered why everything starts right inside your nose the inside of your nose is covered with a lot of really tiny really fine hairs and there’s also a lot of mucus inside your nose yep mucus the same gooey sticky stuff that showed up in your tissue when you blow your nose the hair and mucus work together to catch tiny particles that are in the air that you breathe in like six of dust or pollen from flowers or even a pepper you might put on your food these things quad up the inside of your nose causing it to get irritated which means it feels kinda quickly you might also feel that pickup when you’re sick that’s because the inside of your nose is being attacked by lots and lots of tiny little things like viruses or bacteria when you’re not get irritated by any of these things extensive signal to your brain that tells it we got to get this stuff out of your nose it’s time to sneeze you taking a big breath there the muscles in your belly chest and drop off please really hard you close your eyes and then the air leave your nose enough in a big-name blast show which hopefully clears all those irritating things out of your nose some scientists study sneezes and they found its needing can set their flight out of her nose and mouth at over 100 km/h that’s fascism race cars and speeding and what called a reflex a reflex is something that your body does without you having to think about it blinking is another kind of reflex when Dustin other little things that bother your I and so it coughing if something is picking your throat reflexes help protect our bodies from getting hurt or becoming sick so leaving help you keep healthy like query on the inside of your nose if you didn’t meet some of the particles or germs inside your nose might move deeper inside your body and soul might make you sick a nice big sneeze also how cruel that all the little hairs inside your notes and spread around fresh new kids inside you know to get it all ready to trap more particles but when you sneeze don’t forget to cover it up because air isn’t the only thing that leaves your body when your nose starts to go off meeting also glass the light more spit and a lot of germs from our mouth into the air around us some scientists think that germs watched by sneeze can travel about 16 years which is also half the length of a football field so when you please it’s important to keep those germs from spreading like putting something in front of them if you don’t have a TV heavy into your elbow and don’t forget to wash it with soap and water afterwards and remember me safely and keep healthy whole having a runny nose is no fun but boogers are an important part of your body and I German security systems not is really sticky so I can trap door before they get farther into your body so it’s helpful stuff all even if it’s pretty gross you’re in the handicap for those of you who haven’t a half a human body when something comes out of your body on a regular basis your body’s probably got a good reason for getting rid of it like how sometimes if there’s too much gas in our stomachs will just go right back up the way came in and and generally speaking the same idea goes for whatever you might find coming out of your nose our noses get full of climbing doing sometimes crusty stuff you know what I’m talking about boogers and yeah those are pretty gross but keep in mind that almost everything that makes up our bodies have a purpose that is until it’s time for it to leave so where do boogers come from and why are they there let’s start with what happens when you take in a breast when you breathe in or inhale you’re not only pulling air into your lungs you’re also taking in a lot of what floating around in the air stuff that’s too small to see like dust and dirt going from plants local other kinds of pollution and germs in these things get into your body they could make you sick but thankfully your body have a powerful weapon to help trap these things before they can get too far and that weapon is mucus yep the same gooey slimy snot that club w tissue and runs out of your nose when you have a cold or allergies that stuff has a purpose when you breathe in and out air moves through your mouth and nose and down to your lungs these parts of your body makeup your respiratory system the job of your respiratory system is to help your body get the oxygen it needs from the air and all the parts of your respiratory system are lined with a thin layer of mucus even when you’re not sick your body makes a lot of mucus but usually you don’t notice it that’s because the mucus is normally really thin and watery it helps keep the part of your respiratory system moist and healthy but it’s also really really sticky and as the air you breathe passes over it many of the heat I particles in the air the germs dust and other irritating things ticket and get trapped then it’s time to take out the trash little hairs on the back of your nose and your lungs called filia asked like broom sweeping the mucus year throughout where gets swallowed and goes right you’re something but don’t worry the inside of your stomach is full of chemicals to help destroy all the germs and other stuff you don’t get sick but what about that stuff up your nose well sometimes the area breathing is really dry and when you breathe in a lot of dry air the mucus that line your nose instead of being thin and watery gets dry and crusty kind of like what happened somebody when it dried out the hard things left behind dried up mucus and dirt are the boogers stuff stuck in that mucus when it dries out can change the color of what comes out your nose sometimes you get has tiny bit of blood which makes it brown and sometimes your body send cells to kill the germs stuck in the mucus and nice out have chemicals in them they can make them you could kind of green or pink but no matter what’s in them all your nose in it is you don’t pick it over full of germs that were trapped by that mucus and some of those germs can still spread disease after all the boogers are there because you could have kept that stuff out of your body so keep you happy and blow your nose and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards good manner are also good science your body works hard to stop germs and keep you from getting sick but there are things that you can do to help you one important thing you can do is to wash your hands a lot especially after you sneak but how does so wash away the germs and other gross stuff that can make you sick you don’t have a very best way to learn something by asking questions no one knows everything after all so something comes up that you just don’t understand at someone anything could help I’ve been thinking about this because of our friend the giant squid a couple of weeks ago we are talking about whiting flow in the water and I said that something’s floatin the tub when you’re taking about and other things don’t but split within the ocean and he doesn’t take baths so he asked me what that were and why we take them right what about well up here we like to clean ourselves by filling in a couple of nice warm soapy water hose gross dream induction humans just walk around of dig getting dirty and you know it’s really great after one of our viewers Zoe saw that episode she thought of another question 102 hasn’t asked how do bad work and how to filter water get us clean another great question first water good at dissolving a lot of things when I say water dissolve something I mean that it breaks it down into smaller pieces that get mixed in with the water so for example when you rinse your my hands under a running faucet two things happen one the force of the water pushes the mud off of your hands and to the water dissolves some of the stuff that makes it the mud and washing it down the drain cool right but what about baths before we can dive into that we should probably take a quick look at how we get dirty in the first place your skin makes its own oil this natural oil helps your skin stay soft and healthy and your skin also makes wet which we talked about before to what is mostly salt and water when the water in your sweat dries up it helps cool your body down but leave that salt and other stuff behind so all during the day dirt dust kicks to the salt and oil if you let the dirt oil build-up for too long it becomes a good place for bacteria and other very tiny living things that’s a good idea to wash often now when you be in the Cubs the water dissolves the salt and a lot of the dirt i get stuck on your skin but one thing water can’t dissolve is the oil itself why because oil and water just don’t make you can see so for yourself if you pour the water in a glass and a bit of cooking oil you’ll see that before two completely different layers water particles are small and stick together very tightly but soil particles is bigger and don’t stick together as well so water can make soil to wash away then how can you get that oil off your skin that’s where self come to the rescue so can’t dissolve oil but it can stick to it really well and help wash it away if you could look at the particles that make up so you can see that they each have two different ends at each end is attracted to or pull toward different kinds of things one end of the particle is pulled towards water and the other is pulled toward oil Sony makes soap with oil and water one side of each little particle sticks to the oil while the other side sticks to the water and then when you rinse off the soap oil and water all go right down the drain so now you know how water and soap work together to get a squeaky-clean in the tub and if you happen to be split before I do tell him yourself okay sweet there’s one more thing that you have to do to get better rest it’s time for you to say goodbye to our friends and go lie down the next time you get a cold or the flu remember that your body is working overtime to help you feel better fact just get plenty of rest and drink lots of water and you’ll be outside playing again in no time did you have a question for us about germs boulders feeders or anything else can go to help you leave a comment down below or send us an email to kids at syfy.com think with the next time here the fort

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