Why do we Puke? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time Why do we puke? To taste the swallowed burger again. Eww. No. Puking or vomiting is the forcible emptying
of stomach contents through our mouth. Though disgusting, it is actually our body’s
protective mechanism to get rid of toxic foods. That we might have ingested. Vomiting is generally controlled by a part
of the brain called area postrema. When it instructs our stomach to purge. Several things happen in our body. The teeth get coated with excess saliva to
protect them from stomach acid. Our heart rate and breathing increases as
we retch. Finally, the stomach and other abdominal muscles
forcefully push the contents upwards and we puke. Now, there are various reasons why we puke. Common reasons include food poisoning, motion
sickness, stomach flu, pregnancy, etc. However, there are some other reasons as well. Such as overeating, stress, head injury, ear
problems, excess consumption of alcohol, drugs, etc. Whoa. How many brains do you have dude? No. Just one. An octopus has a decentralized nervous system. With majority of its neurons residing in its
arms. These neurons help the arms to independently
taste, touch and control basic motions. Without consulting the actual brain in its
head. Thus, it gives an impression of having 9 brains. When in reality, it only has one. Bleah. Something’s missing. Sugar? Salt? No. It’s saliva. To taste food, the taste buds on our tongue. Need a liquid medium like saliva to bind food
molecules to its receptors. Saliva also contains an enzyme called amylase. Which breaks carbohydrates into simple sugars. So, without saliva, foods having carbohydrates
may taste different. Also, saliva contains natural disinfectants. Which help wipe away harmful pathogens. Can we burp in space? I can burp in my personal space. Hahahaha. Just kidding. Earth’s gravity pulls food downnn, downnn,
downnn. Where? To the bottom of our stomach. Woahh. Gases have begun to rise. And, here they come. BURP. Hahaha. But Space has no gravity. So. Food and gases float together like CHUNKY
BUBLES. Now, what happens if we burp? Ew. Everything Comes out. So. Even if you can. Don’t Burp in space.

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