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Everybody’s been there. Whether you ate something awful, rode one too many
roller coasters, or just got a
little too anxious, it’s always the same: you
start to feel nauseous, and then suddenly you throw up. But why? What actually causes us to puke? And what purpose does it serve? Let’s find out, on
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Colossal Questions! – [Narrator] Right
before you throw up, lots of things happen
inside your body to prepare. Your mouth coats
your teeth in saliva to protect them from the
stomach acids in your puke. Usually, blood drains
from your face, as your body redirects
it to your vital organs. And, just as you’re
about to throw up, the muscles in your
abs and diaphragm literally squeeze your stomach, forcing its icky contents
back up your digestive tract to your throat and
then your mouth. One of the main reasons we puke is to keep from being poisoned. Most animals eat small meals
wherever they can find them, so if they do eat
something poisonous, their body can usually fight
it off before it kills them. But since humans eat
such large portions in a single sitting, we’re
more likely to be poisoned. So, when it comes to
ingesting anything toxic, being able to puke can
actually save your life. But it doesn’t always
have to be poison. If your stomach
senses it’s too full, or if you catch some sort
of stomach bug, like a flu, that can trigger vomiting, too. Another common cause
is motion sickness. Experts can’t say for sure why this causes us to get
nauseous and even puke, but they do have
a leading theory. When our balance is thrown off, say after spinning around a
bunch or riding on a wavy boat, our senses get confused
and send the brain all kinds of mixed messages
about what’s going on, sending our body
into emergency mode. And, finally, puking
isn’t always caused by something physical. Our emotions can make
us throw up, too. We can vomit if we’re
overly scared, sad, or grossed out by
something, or someone. So, why do we throw up? It turns out for lots
of different reasons. Just, maybe take
some precautions and
decide on cotton candy after you ride the
roller coaster. (playful music)

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