Why Do You Get Sick When It’s Cold? – Dear Blocko #9

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin! Hey, a snow cone! Thank you so much! Welcome to another episode of Dear Blocko! Grab your Egg Noggin, because this one is
holiday themed! Natalia asks
Dear Blocko, Can you explain flu season and why it happens? Ahh, the human flu season. The time when those evil flu viruses are at
their worst. In the United States, flu viruses are actually
a thing year-round, but the flu season — which usually occurs in fall and winter — is when
those viruses are the most common. Influenza activity usually starts to increase
around October, peaking between December and February, then lasting as late as May. Exactly just why the flu becomes more of a
problem around these times isn’t really known, but we do have some theories. Some argue that it’s related to how you
live your life in colder weather — being in more crowded situations or not getting
enough sunlight — while others think it has more to do with the viruses themselves
— a 2007 study on the topic saying that the viruses thrive more in the cold and dry
conditions of the flu season. No matter why the flu season happens, the
CDC estimates that since 2010, the flu has caused somewhere between 140,000 and 960,000
US hospitalizations each year, so it’s a pretty significant problem. On to the next one! Shadow Ninja Starr 999 asks Dear Blocko
Why does our teeth chatter when we are cold? Your teeth chatter when you’re cold because
the muscles in your face are moving all about to try and get warm, kinda like I do when
Triangle Bob leaves the window open. In general, shivering or getting the chills
is your body’s way of producing heat when it is, or feels, cold. Shivering is often caused by a cold environment,
but it can also be a sign of a bacterial or viral infection. Once you’re shivering, all this motion with
your facial muscles causes your teeth to keep banging into each other, or chatter, turning
you into a human music box. Hey! This is actually pretty good! I think we need more sleigh bell though. Yeah! That’s good! And now it’s time for questions about me or
my world! JorzPlays asks
Dear Blocko, what do you want for this upcoming Christmas? Love you Blocko! Hey thanks! Love you too! You don’t really need to get me anything! Don’t worry! I don’t really need anything since my animator
can just make something pop up out of nowhere. All i have to do is wish for it. Here we go…. And then there’s this. And maybe… you know… Oh. Heh. How’d you get here? It’s crazy world right? I was just thinking about mashed potatoes,
or something? Animator! Animator, what are you doing? We’re gonna get demonetized! Swipe to the next thing! Do the- do the rainbow swipe thing! Do the rainbow! Toby Senpai asks
Dear Blocko, do people in your world celebrate different holidays? Yeah! We celebrate all of the holidays! Christmas! Kwanzaa! Hanukkah! Gerple Day, of course! 20 Piece Nugget Day. That’s a great one, and of course everyone’s
favorite holiday, staying up until 3 AM thinking about that one thing that you did that was
really awkward, and maybe nobody noticed, but you think everyone did, so you’re really
self conscience about it…anyway! Happy holidays everybody from the Life Noggin
team. Do you have a question about your world, or
my world? Let me know in the comment section below,
and make sure you use the hashtag #DearBlocko so i can find it! and if you’re not getting any presents this
year, you can have this. I don’t know what it is, but it’s yours, if
you want it. Enjoyed this episode of Dear Blocko? Check out the previous one we did. A snake bite? Ouch! I hope you’re not asking from personal experience. That’s because a snakebite can be pretty
dangerous, especially if you’re talking about one from a venomous snake. Any snake that bites you should be treated
as though it’s venomous and you should get help immediately as always, my name is Blocko, this has been
Life Noggin, don’t forget to keep on thinking!

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  1. No it's a released virus the flu by the government member the president that got assassinated that exposed all government secrets he said that the flu is released virus my cousin 13 or 14 said that he said that so ya he also said that the government is also trying to kill us ourselves by putting poisons in our food water and everything back to flu the government said that they would see who would survive the the flu and who would not as in there trying to reduce the over population of earth it's good to them but bad to us I know the earth is over poupulating but still STILL ugh 😒 stupid gouverment

  2. #DearBlocko
    It s not a question
    Look around when you record.
    You couldn t get rid of triangle bob in space.
    He was right behind you when you said the goodbye. Etc…

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  7. #dearblocko why do sometimes when we have a feawor we feel hot and cold at the same time? Love you and sorry for bad writing

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  9. I feel like flu season is where I don't get sick at all but once it ends, it's my flu season where I catch a bunch of stuff.

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