96 thoughts on “Why Hyperreal Masks Keep Fooling People | WIRED

  1. Where did you test these masks? The School for the Blind?
    It's incredibly obvious which ones are real faces, and which are prosthetic masks. It's not even close, with the eyes alone being a massive giveaway.

  2. My dad went to the store for cigarettes 29 years ago, before turning 30, might pay an actor to wear a hyper real mask of my dad and drink a beer with me.

  3. I'm sure in person I would just think the guy looks strange. Knowing the subject if the video I'm watching it seems fairly obvious most of the time

  4. They're obliviously not going to pass close scrutiny at this time, but give it a few more years of development and I'm positive they should get alot better. Plus with all the CCTV everywhere, and what little personal privacy we still do have slowly fading away, I will definitely look into buying not only a mask, but stock in a good company that excels in these as well.

  5. the eyes are a dead giveaway. the lower lids particularly. also no facial expressions. looks like video characters come to life. to masks: what’s wrong with your eyes?,

  6. Fascinating subject and excellent interview, however, you talked a lot about masks but didn't show many examples of mask vs. real face (except very quickly). At 6:10 you have someone pulling off a mask but you stop short of showing his (her) face. I am a great fan of Wired's videos.

  7. lmao “3rd people couldn’t tell the difference” seems like ya’ll only tested blind people or bad eye sight

  8. Cuz.
    It'd be REAL REGRETTABLE if the woman of your dreams approaches you while you're wearing a mask.
    Or your wife ask you to leave ON the black man mask.

  9. Do this test with video instead of stills and see how that accuracy improves. That genetic program we have needs environmental cues to be triggered.

    I’d also be interested to see how well people do at noticing a mask in a situation in which they’re not looking for one. Show a clip of a person in a mask walking by or shopping or something and ask the viewer to simply examine and describe what they see.

  10. Is there somewhere where I can take the test? This is superinteresting… I perform really well att face recognition test and have a friend who can’t recognise faces at all… would be awesome to try 🙂

  11. These masks look so fake and nothing like a human – if you want to fool someone, make a mask of Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg! They would be accurate if they wouldn't look quite human! 😀

  12. Im walking around in public with one committing non violent crimes and cops will ask the publics help to find the guy that looked like me that was actually me….

  13. It is Simply because people do not look at people now unless they are on a screen and even then many times they are computer or photoshop enhanced.

  14. I think this video ignores that for TWO THIRDS of people, which is MOST OF THE PEOPLE ON EARTH, the masks CAN be spotted. They're not realistic enough yet, everyone wearing them looks like a bloody PS2 character.

  15. I couldn't listen to the entire thing, but I wonder if the researchers were any good at actually installing the masks, so to speak. The fact that they could tell 4 out of 5 times tells me they didn't do a great job at installing them. Also, did they research this in a real scene or just through pictures on a computer? 1 in 5 masks fooling the participant seems very low for how well government intelligence and hollywood apply these. I have my doubts that this study has any ecological validity.

  16. who were those "most people" that couldn't tell the masks apart? All of them had holes between the maks's eyes and the person's skin

  17. The guy being interviewed should have worn a mask the whole time to see if they could fool people who claim that it’s obvious to tell when someone is wearing a mask

  18. When I was a younger, I was always fantasizing about having celebrity masks like angelina jolie or Natalie portman 😅

  19. Identification by lack of facial movements seems make sense. We need more technological masks to hide our real identity. 🎭

  20. 10/10 that the ppl boasting how easy it is and errrmagerrrd are you blind? would never spot a random person in the line at a supermarket checkout wearing a mask. The overconfident are always the easiest to fool, because it simply will not occur to them that they might be wrong.

  21. I think ( IMO) people are more fooled when the masks are worn in videos and movies . I think when people see them being worn in public — people might make eye contact but don't keep looking because these people just look weird or off . Staring would be considered rude so they never look long enough to make the connection that they might be looking at a person who is wearing a mask. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  22. I guess it makes sense that criminals would use these to get away with crime… but what happened to the good old ski mask? those obscure your identity too…

  23. You have to see the ones the government criminals use here in Seattle. By the way; in this video, the guy seated in front of the computer is wearing a mask.

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