Why The Flu Causes Aches & Pains

Ugh, my muscles… why do they feel so…
achey. *cough* If you say more research is needed
I’m going to kick you. Howdy sickos, I’m Trace, thanks for watching! IT’S FLU SEASON EVERYBODY! Congratulations. If you didn’t get your flu shot this year
(or even if you did), here’s a warning: YOU COULD GET SICK. No one exactly knows why influenza viruses
hit in the colder months. They may survive and circulate better in cold,
dry air;l our immune systems may be weaker thanks to a lack of sunlight in the winter
or; perhaps, it’s simply because thanks to the cold we spend more time in close quarters,
and thus, spread the virus more easily. Once you’ve got the flu, however, chances
are you’ll get some of the symptoms: fever, headaches, sore throat, runny nose, muscle
aches and so on! The thing is, I get fevers and headaches (your
hypothalamus raises your body temperature to make viruses less comfortable, and the
heat causes dilation of vessels in your brain adding pressure). I also get runny noses and sore throats (your
nose is pushing mucus like crazy to wash pathogens away from the body, and the back of the throat
is popular for infectious colonies, and immune cells rush to the area, inflaming it and causing
pain). Fun fact: 90 percent of sore throats are caused
by viruses, not bacteria; which means only 10 percent of the time will antibiotics help
you; that said, those bacterial sore throats are serious! Basically, most of your symptoms aren’t
the flu, but the immune response — and muscle and joint pain is the same. If you’re thinking, damn, my immune system
is causing all this terribleness, you’re not alone. We’re all right there with you. The immune system is the last line of defense
so it doesn’t really do half-measures. It just POW! GETS AT IT. Anyway, you’ve probably guessed by now,
but muscle aches are thanks to the immune system too, but in a much cooler way. Muscle aches are called myalgia, and in studies,
as many as 94-percent of people with the flu get them. The immune system’s army contains a variety
of cells, but when it comes to these myalgic issues we really only care about a few…. Let’s say the immune system corners some
virus in your thigh muscle. The antibody narcs show up, and bind with
the virus, tagging it for attack and keeping it from infecting other cells. Once the virus is tagged, histamine shows
up — it’s is part of our allergic reaction system. The histamine dilates the vessels in the area,
and gets them ready for the big guns… the macrophages (a.k.a the famous white blood
cells)! These macrophages get in there and start eating
and attacking the tagged pathogens, and try to eat any infected cells. The thing is, thanks to studies done on patients
with arthritis, we know macrophages tend to leave behind chemicals which aren’t super
comfortable. Cytokines are a family of proteins secreted
by immune system cells. During influenza attacks, one, called interleukin-6
(IL-6) is all over. IL-6 is associated with inflammation and causes
soreness. So, when the white blood cells show up, they
ravage the area, and leave the IL-6 in their wake, which your body has to clean up. There’s not much you can do about muscle
and joint aches, except give them a rest. Some people massage their achy joints and
muscles, some use warm blankets… fluids always help. But if you’re really concerned ask your
doctor… we’re not specialists. Here’s something to contemplate while you’re
laying in your bed hating your own immune system for making you feel so bad. One: Evolution may have created the pain,
inflammation and whatnot to keep you from spreading the sickness to others, and to force
you to rest so your body can fight the infection. Cool, right? And Two: influenza has been part of the human
experience since before history was history. In fact, it was first described by the father
of western medicine, Hippocrates, in 412 BCE! If anything? You’re just participating in the grand tapestry
of human suffering. Congratulations no go make a hot tea. After all that, I hope you got your flu shot. You should watch this video to figure why
you should have done it. But if you didn’t, tell us about it in the
comments. Why didn’t you get that shot? Please subscribe for more DNews and thanks
for watching. I forgot to get my flu shot…

100 thoughts on “Why The Flu Causes Aches & Pains

  1. Ugggh.. I've had myn for 3 days. Just when my body is starting to feel better, BAM!! the body aches and pains, lost strength returns. What usually happens with me is I go through that cycle 2-3 times before it goes away for the next year.

  2. Started 2019 with the flu 103 fever average over 3 days.

    I still don't understand why our bodies feel cold when we are burning up. I read the wiki on it and I ended up more confused.

  3. This would probably be one reason why I don’t like the cold weather because of the damn flu. Im still struggling to fight through this illness. I don’t really feel like myself and I don’t like that 🙄🤧

  4. I got a flu shot but got the flu anyway. I have a high fever but I dont feel that bad. I just hope I dont give it to my kids

  5. Everything is heavier than usual and water tastes so nasty. The ends of my nostrils hurt, and I can barely breathe without getting pain in my throat. Why isn’t there a cure yet?

  6. Is this a coincidence I got a flu today on January 8 and this video was made at 8 January….excalty a year ago

    Edit: never mind I still thought it was 2018 it's 2019 so it was 2 years ago

  7. I have gotten the flu before with the flu shot. As a nurse I believe it is against my rights to be forced to get the shot. We do not have 30 yrs of research to know what 30 yrs of a vaccine can do to someone’s body. It’s fine for those who could die from flu, but for healthy people it’s too much. The vaccine is merely a prediction of what virus can make you sick. The viruses mutate so what are the chances that you will be immune to the one you are exposed to? I think it’s a monetary scam to pump money into the healthcare system….. how many millions of healthcare workers are out there being forced to take it? That’s a lot of money before even getting to those who wish to vaccinate.

  8. I’ve been sick for 5 days…I’m aching all over,have 🥵 n 🥶 flashes,have a massive headache,dizziness,feverish ,nausea,little to no appetite,nasal craziness(1 second it’s stopped up the next it’s runny 🙄) ANY FLU HATERS ON BOARD?🤒😷🤧😤

  9. Ugh I am sooooooooooooo damn sick…I hate needles & don't trust these flu shots…so here I am with a horrible case of the flu & on top of it all…I got the full blown shingles now on top of this flu….I feel like someone has drug me across a football field by my eyelashes….😩😩😢

  10. Apparently, it better to let immune system fight instead of using stuff like Advil. Medicine doesn't fight the viruses it just turns off your immune system. That how it reduces heat and headaches, by turning off the part of brain/immune system that fights. If you let your immunes system fight off the virus with no "medicine" then your immune system will be stronger afterward. Just drink water to not dehydrate and accidentally get a heat stroke and rest; if you shiver get warm and if you sweat like crazy get cool.

  11. This could explain the pain in my knees during De Quervain's thyroïdites. Feels like inner meniscus problems in my left knee even after 4 months while my thyroid has recovered.

  12. The best way I can describe its world war 3 in our body between our immune system and the virus and our body is the battleground

  13. Currently watching this with the worst flu I've ever had I'm burning up and have pains all over my body 😭😩

  14. Why I fell a flu like symptoms with neck pain heartache and muscle pain for more than 1month I always feel having a flu like every time I wake up ealrry in the morning, please do response thank you

  15. I recently tested neg for the strain of flu going around but having experienced upper respiratory flu twice before I know this is another strain the flu shot wouldn't have remedied so I still won't get a flu shot. And yes, I am coughing like crazy. Hoping not to develop pneumonia like I did after last flu. Thanks for the video!

  16. Ugh been fighting the flu for about 3 days now and omg I will not miss the flu shot ever again even if I'm busy with work OMG when will this be over!!!!!😞😞😞

  17. Laying in bed feeling sorry on myself and learning why my body's sore lol… That's why I love youtube… Sick days are less boring

  18. In England you don’t really need flu injections unless you’re immunocompromised, elderly, young etc. But you can still get it. I’d rather just deal with it

  19. last time i got the flu shot. i got the flu and when i didn’t get it (last year) i didn’t get sick so that’s why and i hate hate needles

  20. All the people I’ve known to get the flu shot say they got the flu right after. I’ve never got the flu shot and I’ve never had the flu.

  21. I had the new Flu last week which started with a Severe Pain in my Neck and then it began! I missed a whole week of work

  22. Flu shot? No. For especially vulnerable people, it may be a good idea. But for normally healthy people it's an unnecessary risk for questionable benefit. The vaccines provide coverage for only specific viruses, so it's hit and miss at best – though they are very profitable for pharmaceutical companies.

    It's most telling that roughly half of all heath care workers do not get vaccinated. And that among those who do, many were required to. If doctors who are exposed to sick patients on a daily basis don't want the vaccine, why should I?

  23. I'm just laughing while reading the comments! I'm sick btw. So what I understood about this video, is that we're screwed cause antibiotic dont really help huh 😱😱

  24. YouTube premium and chill, till you fall asleep and no working monday.. Sorry boss but I'm more important Haha 😁👍

  25. I just threw up yesterday and my body aches and feels sore, I dont even have the energy to stand in the shower.

  26. It's dam summer and I'm freezing well close enough to summer weathers nice and warm and I'm freezing constantly then I wake up hot as hell so kick blankets off then I'm cold again. My muscles hurt my nose runs I cough this sucks can't breath. This year diffidently getting my flue shot.

  27. Tell me some short term Treatment it's most important exam in my lifetime , And Want to perform my best ,off course that I already studied

  28. I just hate Common Cold, Caused by irritating Relatives and Neighborhood ,just spread it by Constantly Sneezing alltime in area

  29. everything in this video is true yes its the rest and digest phase of the parasympathetic system of your brain..telling you to rest and you will get better

  30. my immune system is very strong i barely get sick.. so the virus tried to hit me but didn't. all i felt was a minor sore throat for a day and headache and histamine bc i started all itchy(histamine is a response from immune system ) ,veins in hand inflamed just like he described in video…all my fly systems went away after that a massive headache and back hurting for a week now I must think its my immune system's antibodies or white blood cells responding i heard that sometimes the incidentally attack body's tissues

  31. Pharma creates new strains and spreads and sheds it through the community via new vaccines, it's a Rockefeller protocol business model. Enjoy💲💲💲☠️☠️☠️

  32. I’ve never had the flu shot, no reason I haven’t, nothing against it. I’ve just never had the shot yet, I’ve never had the flu, so I guess I’m immune to it.

  33. Is it just me or is it every single time my body aches I laugh, because every single time I feel sore while having the flu or have a fever I for some reason laugh because I feel bunch of tickling around my body anyone have this problem?? My parents are mad at me for laughing but I cant help it, I'm in pain and I'm for some reason laughing at myself 😂😂😂 help meeee 😂😂😂😂😓😓😓😭😭😭

  34. I had runny nose nd sneezing, I took azithromycin but unfortunately didnt complete the course…then I took medicine from a homeopath doctr….my runny nose nd throght became good but i could feel there is cough in my chest!!nd for the 2nd tym I have sneezes nd runny nose now I developed a pain in my back!nd soon aftr I went to a alopathy doctr who gave me clavam antibiotics nd cough syrup nd some allergy tablets….is there any chance that I just got pneumonia???
    I am becoming very anxious…pls if anyone can give me any suggestions

  35. Went to summer camp. Someone decided to share…or maybe I shared it first. I thought it was a sinus infection, but my muscles are so achy! I've had fevers, congested cough, sinus pressure in my face, etc.

    But why August? And why mostly my legs? Torso and abdominal muscles hurt from coughing.
    Now that I'm done complaining, I hope no one else is sick. This sucks, bad.

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