15 thoughts on “Why the U.S. Was Distracted From Tackling the Spanish Flu

  1. Plus huge numbers of Americans were if German descent, there were German language newspapers in many medium to large cities.

  2. Camp Funston Kansas. A ditch is dug upwind from the barracks of hundreds of G.I.'s bound for Europe. Material laden with air borne viral toxins is dumped into that long ditch and set afire. We created that flu and used American infantry as human Guinea Pigs. It's not exactly a well kept secret any longer. Over 20 million died because to this day a small select few believe the herd needs to be culled. I don't care if u believe me. I don't care if ridicule ensues. There is a deep state and there has been for over a century. Hey , it's nothing to sneeze at right ?

  3. With "progressives" like Wilson in power, suppression of the truth to enhance their agenda (war) is not uncommon.
    No different that current "progs" who are trying to push us over the brink with "democratic socialism".
    BEWARE of them it's their ego-driven power grab that's all-important to them any you have to submit – or else.

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