Why You Should Get The Free NHS Flu Jab 2017 & 2018 If Eligible | NHS Flu Vaccine Influenza Vaccine

Flu jabs please watch this three-minute video. As it’s important and share on because you could save a life. so let’s be crystal clear flu kills! for many though it’s an unpleasant illness
which can last over a week with symptoms like extreme tiredness and weakness, too
unwell to do usual activities and other symptoms like chills, fever, headaches,
joint pain and many more but for the most vulnerable in society such as children, the elderly, pregnant women and those with long term medical conditions
including heart disease, lung disease, diabetes and many more the flu can be
extremely dangerous and in some cases fatal so I’ve heard all the medical
myths no I’ve never had the flu jab before and I’ve never had the flu so I don’t think I’ll need it but my favourite one well I used to know somebody who never had flu before but as soon as he got the flu a job he started getting flu every year so here are some scientific facts because pharmacists love facts! Fact number one!
studies show of the 250 to 500 thousand people who die every year in the world
of flu 90% of them are over 65 I know shocking right! Facts number two! so flu vaccines don’t contain any live virus so it’s dead so it’s physically
impossible to catch flu from it no matter what your friends tell you. Fact
number three the flu vaccine takes 10-14 days to become fully
effective once your immune system has fully kicked in so get it done sooner and to be honest I wish I made this video a bit earlier fact number four! flu jabs have
a good safety record you might get a slight temperature and a few aching
muscles after you’ve had it for a couple of days but other than that reactions are
quite rare you know everybody sees and hears how
busy hospitals are especially during the winter and studies have shown that the
flu jab can reduce hospitalisation so let’s play our part and get vaccinated
to help all the hard working NHS staff now that we know how important the flu jab is let’s see how many people actually got it in 2016-17 statistic number one!
65 years and over well last year 70% of you guys got vaccinated that’s fantastic but still there’s about 30% left so this year let’s do it! statistic number two! for those under 65 in one or more clinically at-risk group the uptake was only 48.6% now that’s less than half so come on guys this year let’s get more people
vaccinated and here’s why it’s so important getting the vaccine is the best way to
protect yourself and your loved ones and I would urge anyone who is offered the free NHS flu jab to get vaccinated so let’s play our part and help all the hard-working
NHS staff this winter so what can you do well if you know you’re eligible for a
free NHS flu jab get it done if you’re not sure here’s a list of who’s eligible
for a free NHS flu jab or Google NHS flu jab or just click the link below and
it’ll give you all the details for who is eligible and if you know anyone who’s
eligible for the flu jab please share this video to them or explain to them
the importance of getting the flu jab because you now know and hopefully
they’ll get it done this year so where can you get it done? well almost all pharmacies and all GP surgeries provide the NHS flu jab if you have a busy schedule
just pop into your local pharmacy they don’t usually take appointments and
they can do it for you right there easy peasy hey guys thanks for watching if
you haven’t already hit that follow or subscribe button now to get more

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