Why You Should Stop Eating Chicken!

Can you tell me why you should stop eating
chicken? Because it is around three dollars a pound
these days? Because the cost of wings now rivals that of pizza? I’ve heard you shouldn’t eat chicken. I don’t know how much of that is bird flu
hype. Hardly anyone died from it unless they were a poultry farmer. That’s actually not one of the reasons I
heard. Campylobacter is a bacteria we usually pick
up from chickens. It is probably the most common cause of bacterially caused runs. There are other causes? The stomach flu is usually a virus, not bacteria.
It is like the Norwalk virus they keep getting on those cruise ships. That turns way too many dream vacations into
nightmares. You can usually blame that on the salad bar
and insufficient hand washing, not the fried chicken at the buffet. Why would someone think chicken was bad to
eat? Some people think the dense chicken farm sheds
are immoral. A few are concerned about the hormones and antibiotics they receive, though
beef get far more hormones than chicken. I knew about the growth hormones used to boost
milk production. Is there anything similar for egg production? Not to my knowledge. Salmonella is more commonly
spread by chickens than other animals, but that isn’t limited to chickens. People have died from salmonella. There are people who choke on ball point pen
caps and kids who drown leaning forward into pickle barrels. That doesn’t mean we ban
either. It sounds like you don’t think I should
avoid chicken. Men’s Health magazine described chicken
as one of the dirtiest foods you could eat. About half of the broiler chickens Consumer
Reports tested either had Campylobacter or salmonella. My stomach just turned over. Did you have under cooked chicken, slice vegetables
on a cutting board where you were handling meat or eat a raw egg? I think I’ll cut back on the chicken.

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