Woman shares dangers of eyebrow microblading

all right Tim now to one of the hottest new beauty trends eyebrow micro bleeding the photos are all over social media women trying to attain that perfect eyebrow but at what price defender Karen drew is here with an important warning Karen and Devon and kimkim edging you go to the salon you wind up in the hospital well I met a local woman who now regrets doing the procedure it landed her in the hospital for three days now she does want to show her entire face she’s embarrassed but she does want you to see what happened to her when this woman will call Jennifer walked out of the salon this is how her eyebrows looked it looked great you were happy I was happy what Jennifer had done is called micro bleeding it involved a hand tool with tiny needles to make shallow little cuts on the skin then the pigment seeps in giving you semi-permanent results basically it gives the appearance of hair on your eyebrows instead of regular tattooing this makes your eyebrows look like you actually have hair but then the redness started setting in a few days after I noticed that they were starting to get like little lumps and the pain began to increase and the swelling go under urgent care they diagnosed me with cellulitis on my face and gave me an antibiotic and set me on my way but the situation kept getting worse Jennifer took daily photos to document she decided to head to the emergency room when they admitted me they put me on an IV antibiotic and then the next morning they start me on steroids Jennifer spent three days in the hospital I was terrified it’s terrified I didn’t you know my face is swelling up my eyes are closing I’m thinking I don’t know what’s gonna happen hi how are you it looks a little better so we’re putting on the cream mm-hmm I think it’s better for the past week jennifer has been seeing dermatologist dr. Stephen Gretchen for treatment this is potentially life-threatening if not treated because what’s right behind here sinuses what are the sinuses communicate boom they go right to the brain it might be hard to tell but things are improving so white this occur there are a lot of variables in this case so is the patient allergic to the ink that they actually tattoo you with that’s number one is she allergic to something that they used to prep the skin did she get an infection by being told not to wash her face for two days she does though have mounting medical bills and missed days from work now I regret going in there and getting it done but it is vanity you want to look good and you don’t ever think that’s gonna happen to you dr. Gretchen’s advice for those trying to get eyebrows like this through micro bleeding I think it’s buyer beware I think you have to do your research I think you have to have multiple visits to make certain that you’re comfortable that the place is clean its efficiently run that this is not taken as sort of a cavalier come in and and and get your eyebrows waxed and also be careful with you decide on a procedure based on the price Devon and Kim typically it cost seven to eight hundred she found a deal at two fifty so that you know you have to kind of you get what you pay for yeah and you really do just because you see the pictures on social media doesn’t mean that it’s safe yeah it looks terribly painful too it’s really good she’s been really having a rough time she is getting better but it’s been a rough road

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  1. You have to go to a licensed professional….PERIODT!!! You get what you pay for and I'm so sorry for this ladies misfortune.

  2. I have them microbladet. True it hurts a little but i am so happy i did it. I do havw a scar and there are no brows anymore. I went to a specialist and thats very important i guess. In Austria we need a okay from the doctor before we get micriblading. I will always do it again. I paid 400 € and everything whats " cheaper " i d be alertet….

  3. I no longer trust salons. I had a bad bikini waxing in 13 and I got GANG GREEN…within 3 days it went from a pimple looking place to a full on trunking of my leg. I spent 2 MONTHS in a hospital- 4 surgeries and now I have a deep wide scar because I had to wear a wound vac. Some salons dont keep up to code. The one that did this to me got shut down permanantly.

  4. I paid 295 for my brows w/ a free touch up and have had them for over a year….. I don't think you need to pay 700-800….

  5. Uhhh maybe don’t blame the micro blade eyebrows procedure- blame the artist who did it and was uneducated on how to do it.

  6. I mean there's more to it than just their skin looking crazy. If you use any anti aging product with acid in it you skin it thin and very susceptible to any thing tough like this. You can even scrub too hard with a wash cloth on your face and scrub your skin clean off and if you dont take care of it properly it will look like this. Have yall ever heard of cellulitis. Not saying thats what she has but the skin does have protective properties and they can sometimes attack

  7. Cellulitis is a bacterial infection not allergy. But allergic reaction could give this appearance but at the same day usually not after days. The sterilization of the equipment, the place and ur face before and after the procedure is the most important thing u should look for in the reviews of the particular clinic or saloon.

  8. It's best to use a professional micro pigmentación /esthetic tattooist , (that's all they do, including work with doctors' patients, say cancer victims) and not a beautician who did a liitle course in microblading

  9. SUE THEIR BUTTS bet they weren't even remotely trying to use aseptic technique on top of her likely being in a situation ehere dhe could've lost her sight AND crazy enough.. her LIFE!

  10. This is why I don't do these type of procedures, especially because trends do change. Won't do lasik either cuz i seem to be the one if something goes wrong, it happens to me.

  11. This is an outlier case and many factors that we don't know could be involved. I had my brows micro-bladed in LA at KD Brows and I am so thankful I did it. I have not had to use brow makeup since getting mine done almost a year ago and my brows look fabulous and natural.

  12. 😷🤢 Nah I'll pass on tattooing my brows! Anything little goes wrong and you're done! I can just wipe the pencil off and start over! 😅

  13. I got mine done. But i was told not to wet them for 10 days and i was given a cream to use for those 10 days. Paid $850 and im very happy with the results. Remember water has bacteria. It does need after care and the blade has to be in new packaging.

  14. This looks like an allergic reaction. I have had 4 semi permanent makeup procedures done. It was perfect. It's like anything else, do your homework, cheaper is not always better.

  15. Once I seen this done in person I totally lost all interest in doing this for a living. How can u teach a few hr class & say your all good to cut on some one.. I didn't want that kind of responsibility on my hands.

  16. I’ve been getting mine done each year for the past 3 years from the same person and they are perfect. I paid $300 the first time and $180 for touch ups. Everyone loves them.

  17. This is likely a result of being allergic to the ink. I used a brow stain before which had ppd in it and my brows looked similar to this, not as bad but similar with the swelling and peeling. Kat Von d 24 brows and an elf brush does the trick for me now.

  18. Think she went cheap for the salon she went to.
    If she's allergic to something she has to say it, these places dont know your medical history.

  19. This is what happens when you let someone do this from home OR you don't take care of it properly. Likely someone ordered cheap ink from overseas that has god knows what in it.

  20. It also does not mean the person did anything wrong to cause this, it could have been something with the customer, there is danger with anything done to the skin and some of the most serious skin disorders such as MRSA etc are caught at the hospital.

  21. I never do pedicure manicure in salon, bcs I’m afraid to get infections.And especially she did in cheaper place, sounds scary!

  22. A lot people I know have gotten this done. They had 0 problems. Anyone who wants to try doing this, needs do to a lot research on it. Anything involving needles, don't be ignorant.

  23. 800$$$$$ it is a crazy price 😱 they are real thieves. In my country they charged 250$ and it is fine. i did myself and i am super happy.

  24. It looks like a very severe allergic reaction to some sort of a chemical component. I've had a similar reaction to a hair dye once.
    So, I bet tools were sterile but this woman didn't know she's an allergic to something which was used on her face,
    most likely the ink since the inflammation got deeper into the skin.
    So yeah, do an allergy test before any cosmetic or surgical procedure that includes any type of injections or implantations into your body.

  25. Also something to consider, microblading artists advise clients to avoid swimming, working out, makeup, and touching the face while you are healing. Clients must remember that they have an open wound similar to any normal tattoo. If you get any dirt/debris in your microbladed brows while healing it can lead to infection.

  26. I did not enjoy the experience of microblading I would rather go to a Cosmetic tattoo artist microblading hurts like heck

  27. The only way this can happen is with an unhygienic salon, none sterile blades, poor aftercare, plus she obviously didn’t have a test prior to check her skin sensitivity!
    Absolutely amazing 😳 unbelievable!

  28. I wanted this but I get so many compliments with my eyebrow pencil filled brows I'll stick to that . They messed her face up 😩

  29. I had to double check: Causes

    Cellulitis occurs when bacteria, most commonly streptococcus and staphylococcus, enter through a crack or break in your skin. The incidence of a more serious staphylococcus infection called methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is increasing.
    Although cellulitis can occur anywhere on your body, the most common location is the lower leg. Bacteria are most likely to enter disrupted areas of skin, such as where you've had recent surgery, cuts, puncture wounds, an ulcer, athlete's foot or dermatitis.
    Animal bites can cause cellulitis. Bacteria can also enter through areas of dry, flaky skin or swollen skin.

    Is everything MRSA yuck. Like every thing is the herps from chicken pox to shingles 😂😂😂

  30. This doesn’t happen unless she either had an allergic reaction or something was not sterilized correctly. This is like any tattoo. Your supposed to fill out paper work before you actually get the tattoo and this is to make sure you are a good candidate for this. It’s very rare for this to happen girls. And the pricing all depends on what state you live in

  31. The best brows for your face are the ones you are born with! stop over tweezing and fill in with brow powder if needed.

  32. As a professional microblader I can say that the doctor is absolutely right. It’s not a walk in the park or to be taken lightly. Make sure your artist is registered with the health department and has all of the certifications, licensing and permits required. In my practice I perform a scratch test of the pigment, numbing agent and cleansing solution 24 hrs or more prior to the procedure to out rule any allergy or sensitivity. After a microblading the client is sent home with very detailed after care instructions and product to cleanse and protect the skin. I check in with my clients after day 3 to see how they are healing and let them know it’s ok to contact me with any concerns. Give yourself time to do some research on a few different artists before you make up your mind.

  33. Thank you for the great video! 🙂 I hope you all find this one useful as well.

  34. Her real name is Rachel Stevens. She's a lovely girl who works in my office. She looks completely fine now and actually got them re-microbladed and her eyebrows look great now.

  35. So hit and miss her skin just rejected it, happens with nails to.anytime you put something foreign on your skin there is a risk even with make up that’s why it’s called contact dermatitis.

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